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Drastic Ds Emulator Apk

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The intense NDS simulator is a high-speed Android Drastic Ds Emulator Apk. It not only runs NDS games at full speed on many Android devices, but also has the following features: – Whether your phone is in portrait mode or landscape mode, you can Adjust the position and size of the two ds screens.

Drastic Ds Emulator Apk

– Full support for external handles, physical buttons for devices such as nVidia Shield and Xperia Play.

– Save or read your instant archives anytime, anywhere
– Modify your game with hundreds or thousands of cheat codes in the database.

– Use Google Drive Drive to sync your archives.

– Accelerate your game with acceleration.

– Full Chinese interface.
DraStic can only be used for private backups of games that are legally available.
This product is neither affiliated with Nintendo nor supported by Nintendo.

Drastic Ds Emulator Apk Drastic Ds Emulator Apk Drastic Ds Emulator Apk

Drastic Ds Emulator Software Introduction

Please do not ask us for the game rom, or seek help with downloading the game. Any such requests will be ignored. Newly changed version – Fix flashback caused by encrypted RAR archives – Added forced system time as an option for real time clock – Add/remove game function (Long press a game in the list) – Game database upgrade – Improved help text (Translator’s Note: So check it before you ask.) – Correct some translation errors and clerical errors.

Drastic Ds Emulator Software Introduction Drastic Ds Emulator Software Introduction Drastic Ds Emulator Software Introduction

 Apk Drastic Ds Emulator

Although Pokemon is not my childhood, this is not related to my love for Pokemon. The first thing I played in the pit was the “Phantom of the Dark”. After playing for some time, I hadn’t even had one week before. Then the emerald and the leaves Green also tried no patience to have been upgrading something on the other hand for some time did not play later and finished nds black and white because before playing gba so exquisite is really amazing ah difficulty seems to have increased also serious Raiders | After playing it for some time, I started to play.

Apk Drastic Ds Emulator Apk Drastic Ds Emulator Apk Drastic Ds Emulator

The golden finger is a lot of fun. But even now it will often open a small conversation and say that I’m still pitted because of the “Pokemon”. Xiaozhi is really a childhood boy. Ah, of course, there is a time when the skin God will often see a few episodes then 1l put the link directly blue trouble-free nds version and gba version Drastic Ds Emulator Apk.

UkTvNow Apk

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Those TV manufacturers know the market, but they follow the foreign brands. Our smart UkTvNow Apk is really close to the needs of users!” Liu Shuquan pointed to a row of large cartons placed in the store, not too proud to say.

UkTvNow Apk

In the Huaqiangbei electronic market, Liu Shuquan’s stall is hard to find, but even such a “slap in the palm” shop, there are four or five hundred so-called smart TVs that are “sneaked out” every month. uktvnow

It is called “quiet”, because the thing is actually a network set-top box + display; second, these smart displays are actually assembled in the workshop.

UkTvNow Apk UkTvNow Apk UkTvNow Apk

However, this still brings a lot of profit to many merchants in the market. Supporting this smart display market is an industrial belt composed of many electronic processing and production workshops.

So, what kind of people’s online entertainment life is supported by these smart displays that are sold out quietly? What hidden dangers are hidden behind the assembled products?Cheap and demanding, a new TV box marketHow much is such a set of “assembled” smart displays?The minimum is less than three hundred yuan.

UkTvNow Apk for Smart TV

“Look, a TV box, a second-hand display, and then a USB speaker, about 290 yuan.” Liu Shuquan told the understanding of the notes, this assembled smart display, according to user needs, choose to match the display of different sizes. Even with a new 38-inch LCD monitor, the price is only 1,600 yuan, and the price is enough to kill a brand of smart TV.

“Many workers in Longhua and Longgang love to buy this, buy back the dormitory software, and can access the Internet, watch big movies, and play games. It is very popular.” Liu Shuquan said that the reason why smart monitors can achieve such powerful functions is due to The performance of the Android set-top box is strong.

UkTvNow Apk for Smart TV UkTvNow Apk for Smart TV UkTvNow Apk for Smart TV

Compared with brand smart TVs and branded network set-top boxes, this kind of cottage smart TV is almost omnipotent. No matter whether it is installing live broadcast software or cracking the application, there is no limit to the system – it is really “born for a fever”.So, are these products safe?

Through Liu Shuquan’s needle thread, I understand that Zhang Long (pseudonym), the person in charge of the production line who just left the production workshop in Longgang, said that the industries in Longgang and Baoan have many similar smart displays. There are more than a dozen in Longgang.

Android TV box

“We originally assembled Android tablets, but it didn’t feel competitive. We started to transform in 2015.” Zhang Zhou told me that I know the notes. Most of the network set-top boxes assembled in the factory were exported to Southeast Asia and other regions. Most of the equipment is an English native system.

At this point, some Huaqiangbei sellers found them and asked if there was a similar Android TV box sale, which made Zhangzhou see new business opportunities. So, he and several familiar factories around him began to customize the Chinese system’s network set-top box for the needs of the merchants.

Android TV box Android TV box Android TV box

“The initial cost is eighty or ninety dollars, not very good.” Zhang Zhou said that a regular brand of TV box, the price is only less than two hundred dollars. The products they produce go to Huaqiang North and are even lower than the brand products, otherwise they will not have the price competitive advantage.

To this end, the business hopes that the factory can continue to reduce costs while ensuring performance. It is even suggested that no matter what method is used, as long as the ex-factory price of a single device is less than 50 yuan, the order quantity will be tripled. Zhang Zhou and the surrounding factory leaders studied the countermeasures. After using as many used electronic components and motherboards as possible, the factory cost of the smart TV box was finally reduced to 40 yuan, which also won a larger order volume. .

 Apk UkTvNow for Sports

“I thought it would be a fire in the market, but I still can’t sell it when I listen to the business.” Zhang Zhou recalled that with the lower hardware cost of smart devices, the sales price of some second- and third-line brands of smart TV boxes also exceeded the bottom line frequently. . Some brand TV boxes even sold for 89 yuan, which is almost the market price of “cottage goods”. “People are brand goods and use new materials. We use cottage products and use second-hand materials, and we can only continue to reduce costs.”

 Apk UkTvNow for Sports  Apk UkTvNow for Sports  Apk UkTvNow for Sports

According to him, during that time, several factories around the company gave up the Chinese version of the smart TV box. Everyone seems to realize that they don’t have any advantage in the industry chain because they are fighting hardware and fighting costs.

Intelligent entertainment terminals such as smart TVs and network set-top boxes can only be regarded as a subdivision of smart home products. Especially in the domestic set-top box market, although the total domestic set-top box shipments in 2015 and 2016 exceeded 400 million units and 540 million units respectively (accounting for more than 80% of global shipments).

Live UkTvNow Channel

But mainly based on cable TV set-top boxes, the proportion of network set-top boxes is only a fraction of the former, and the space for display is not large. At the same time, smart TV, brand network set-top boxes are also constantly exploring the price, greatly reducing the living space of the cottage products.

Live UkTvNow Channel Live UkTvNow Channel Live UkTvNow Channel

In Zhangzhou and its peers, the cottage set-top box wants to achieve “reverse attack”, and compete with brand smart TVs and set-top boxes to find new selling points. And this selling point must be not available in smart brand UkTvNow Apk boxes, smart TVs or even mainstream smartphones. Suddenly, a “ban” from the relevant departments made these cottage manufacturers see hope.”The ban” became a commodity selling point in the cottage, the demand appeared a blowout


August 2018 Calendar

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Elections for national councils of national minorities will be announced in August 2018 Calendar, and held in autumn. He will personally go with the “Kosovo Minister of Foreign Affairs”, Bozzet Pacolli, to thank him for showing his good will to come to Novi Pazar. “Kosovo has been recognized by 147 countries. If we were a state, August 2018 Calendar I would admit it now, but we are not states,” Ugljanin said, questioning whether BNV recognizes Kosovo as a state. He says that the Bosniaks respect the freely expressed will of the Serbian people, but that Ana Brnabic is not “a Bosniak prime minister”. “Niti Vucic, not Dacic, nor Vulin, they are something else, they are being elected in the rest of Serbia, beyond the borders of Kosovo. These are temporary organs of the Republic of Serbia, such as the BNV provisional Bosniak body while solving the status of Sandzak and the status of Bosniaks. equal relation, “says Ugljanin. He told the state authorities of Serbia that they are temporary “until the talks between Kosovo and Serbia are completed,” until the talks between Bosniaks and Serbs are completed, and until the status of Sandžak is resolved.

August 2018 Calendar Printable Template
August 2018 Calendar Printable Template

August 2018 Calendar

He urged the EU, the OSCE, the UN and the UN Security Council to urgently consider “the threats and realities threatened by Bosniaks”, and urged the EU to organize, in the most urgent time, the talks of representatives of the Bosniak people in Serbia and representatives of the Serbian state, resolves relations. Asked if he was surprised by the reaction of the Serbian authorities, Ugljanin said that “all provisional organs of Serbia have been proven hostile to Bosniaks”. President of the Bosniak National Council Sulejman Ugljanin said that Ana Brnabic was not the Bosniak prime minister and added that both the President of the Republic and other officials were only “temporary” representatives of the Serbian authorities until the negotiations with Pristina were completed.

August 2018 Calendar
August 2018 Calendar

August 2018 Calendar August 2018 Calendar


August 2018 Printable Calendar

Sulejman Ugljanin, at a press conference in Novi Pazar, rejected the Prime Minister’s remark that by calling Bozet Pacolli to visit Novi Pazar, he came out of the BNV’s jurisdiction and reiterates that “all provisional authorities of Serbia have been proven hostile to the Bosniacs.”

August 2018 Calendar Printable
August 2018 Calendar Printable
August Calendar 2018
August Calendar 2018

August 2018 Calendar with Holidays

The video presents the most important novelties of the laws passed during the spring assembly session: the Law on National Councils of National Minorities, the Law on the Protection of the Rights and Freedoms of National Minorities, the Law on the Official Use of Languages ​​and Letters, as well as the part of the Law on the Register of Marriages.

August 2018 Calendar with Holidays
August 2018 Calendar with Holidays
August Calendar
August Calendar

August 2018 Calendar Template

There is continuity in the tendency to constitute the area of ​​Stara Raška, which is often identified with the former Novopazarski sandžak, which was much smaller, constituted as some space with a special identity, and then joined one of the neighboring countries or landed with any occupier.

August 2018 Calendar Template
August 2018 Calendar Template

According to the ideas and wishes of these protagonists, this space should always separate Serbia and Montenegro. Also, in the present conditions, August 2018 Calendar Printable it should serve as a corridor or connection with other territories inhabited by a majority or a significant number of Muslims, present Bosniaks. Perhaps in perspective and never reverted to Turkey. At some point this also corresponded with the former Austro-Hungary, which Serbia was a constant obstacle in its penetration into the interior of the Balkans and its direct link to the Levant with Ottoman Turkey. The essence was to prevent the exit of increasingly powerful Russia into the Mediterranean at all costs.

How do I Install Uktvnow App on My Phone ?

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The numerous services of a smartphone can be found in so-called apps (short for applications). An app is a kind of small computer program that can be easily downloaded and used directly. Many of the most popular apps are already installed on your smartphone(How do I Install Uktvnow App on My Phone ?).

How do I Install Uktvnow App on My Phone ?

It’s really true, today there is an app for almost every interest. For some apps you have to pay, others are free. See the leaderboards of the most popular apps on Google Play and the App Store (Apple) for a good overview. Interesting apps include daily newspaper, social media such as Facebook or Instagram, online banking or public transport, so you can easily get downtime for buses and trains.

How do I Install Uktvnow App on My Phone How do I Install Uktvnow App on My Phone How do I Install Uktvnow App on My Phone
Google Play

Google Play is an online store where you can download all the apps you need. When you first start your smartphone, you’ll be asked to sign in to Google using your Gmail account (see below). We recommend that you register, otherwise you will not be able to download any apps. Upon registration, you may be asked to provide a credit card. However, you do not have to do this because many apps are free. If you do not want this, just tap Skip

Google Play Google Play Google Play

When you first start your new smartphone, you’ll be prompted to create a Gmail account. Gmail is Google’s email account and connects you to everything you can use on your smartphone like Google Calendar, Contacts, and Apps. However, if you already have an address that you would like to continue to use for e-mail traffic, you can do so. You really only need the Gmail account for the Google Apps on your smartphone.


Have fun in the wonderful world of apps!

How do I download apps?
1. On the start screen, tap the “Add” icon

2. Scroll down to “One app”

3. Select either Doro Selection or Google Play Store. Doro Selection are recommendations for apps that we think might be useful.

4. Browse through the app offer and tap on an app of your choice

5. Tap “Install”

6. Tap Accept

7. Tap on “Open”

Have fun in the wonderful world of apps! Have fun in the wonderful world of apps! Have fun in the wonderful world of apps!

Congratulations! You have downloaded an app! This is all about “How do I Install Uktvnow App on My Phone ?”

2018 Calendar Printable Template

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June 2018 Calendar June 2018 Calendar June 2018 Calendar

The legacy of Cásper Fernández, a young player at the Sánchez-Casal Academy in Miami, who died in July 2017, is the seed of the new Casper Tour, an international circuit for young players from 9 to 14 years old, promoted by the Emilio Foundation Sánchez Vicario, and presented at the Mutua Madrid Open.Cásper grew up in the Tennis Federation of Madrid, led by Feliciano López’s father and united by a great friendship with the tennis player, now also deputy director of the Mutua Madrid Open. Moved to the Sanchez-Casal Academy in Miami, it was discovered as a result of some tests for muscular discomfort that suffered from cancer. The treatments tried had no effect, and he died in July 2017. In the battle against this disease, Casper was an example of “spirit of struggle, surrender and improvement for all his colleagues and friends,” said Emilio Sánchez Vicario, President of Honor of the Emilio Sánchez Vicario Foundation. June 2018 Calendar


2018 Calendar Printable Template

This force has been the starting point of the Casper Tour. With this circuit one of his dreams comes true: that other young people could play tennis like he did. In addition, at the sporting end adds another solidarity because in the words of Feliciano Lopez, “Tennis and Solidarity go hand in hand to raise funds for childhood cancer research in addition to allocate part of them for sports scholarships and thus give opportunities in tennis and in life to young promises. ” The support of the Emilio Sánchez Vicario Foundation makes this circuit possible.

2018 June Calendar Printable Template

2018 Calendar

Feliciano, united by great friendship with the young tennis player, confessed that the loss of Cásper was one of the hardest personal moments of his life. “He is ambassador of the circuit that, in addition, receives the support of the ATP when including him in the ATP Aces For Charity, its solidarity program, the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation, the USTA (United States Tennis Association) and UTR (Universal Tennis Ranking) also collaborate with the Casper Tour.

2018 June Calendar

Calendar 2018 Printable

In the presentation at the Mutua Madrid Open, Feliciano López , Deputy Director of the Tournament, Miguel Díaz, President of the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation, Antonio Martínez Cascales, Vice-President of the 1st RFET Promotion and Development Area, Tati Rascón, President of the Tennis Federation of Madrid and Emilio Sánchez Vicario, President of Honor of the Emilio Sánchez Vicario Foundation, as well as the Casper family.

June 2018 Calendar June 2018 Calendar June 2018 Calendar

One of the most frequent questions among our students in the School Year program in the United States is the start date of the course. Especially, those who travel with the J1 visa of international student, when they do not know to which city in particular they are going to travel. In fact, the answer depends on each state and within each state, it can vary even among the different school districts.

How To Increase Battery Life Of Android

The batteries of smartphones are, unfortunately, one of the components that have evolved least with the passage of time, because there are few devices that, hopefully, can offer a use of about two days. Although as in everything, there are always exceptions, of course.

That’s why, from Andro4all, we want to help you try to extend the autonomy of your device as long as possible. Obviously, the tricks and tips that we are going to give you are no secret at this point, nor will they make your terminal’s battery last 10 days with 25 hours of screen, but maybe at some point, they may be useful.

How To Increase Battery Life Of Android

How To Increase Battery Life Of Android

Beware of the screen

The component that spends more battery on your device is the screen. This is so, and at this point should not be any secret, therefore, is one of the points that we should take into account if what we want is to obtain greater autonomy. How can you save battery with the screen?

Adapt to your panel

What does this mean? It’s simple: if your smartphone has a screen with AMOLED technology, take advantage of it. By all it is known that this type of screen turns off the pixels instead of turning them black, therefore, the more black images we see at the end of the day, the less energy the screen will need to illuminate the pixels.

This does not mean that you must have a black color image as a wallpaper 24 hours a day, without performing any other action on your device, simply by seeing how the battery meter stays at the same percentage for hours. But, many of the applications that currently exist, allow changing their appearance to a completely black theme, which could improve the autonomy, in addition to giving a more elegant touch to your terminal.

On the other hand, it is usually recommended that the terminal’s wallpaper be changed to a black color, but … How much time do you actually spend watching your wallpaper? Think about it, and it may or may not be worth changing it.

Adjust the brightness

Another of the tips that is usually given, is to keep the brightness always in automatic, to save battery depending on the light of the environment. Well, this does not have to be this way, since, if we activate this mode, the sensor in charge of capturing the ambient light will be in continuous operation. Therefore, it may be more advisable to adjust the brightness manually depending on the situation you are in.

Increase the time the screen stays on

Following the myths, one of the most widespread is that, the less time the screen is kept on, the less battery the device will consume. Yes and no. Yes, because as we said, the screen is the part of the terminal that consumes the most, but no, because every time you want to turn on the screen again, more energy will be used than if it had been kept on during that same time, whenever a relatively short period. Therefore, it is advisable to maintain this setting between 3 and 5 minutes.

Forget about animated wallpapers

The Live Wallpapers or animated wallpapers were something innovative for Android that gave users the ability to customize the devices in a different way. Currently, they have gone out of style, and are no longer the novelty they offered several years ago. Therefore, the farther you stay from this type of application, the better. Also, I’m sure that in our collections of wallpapers, you will find a much more beautiful one.

Turn off what you are not using

Each time a new generation of terminals is presented, these usually include new features in terms of connectivity or software, which, while it is true can be very useful in some situations, can become a double-edged sword if not used in a efficient way

Goodbye to the location

Do you really need to have GPS activated at all times? Surely, the answer is no, therefore, the most sensible option is to deactivate it when you are at home, or in places where you know you will not need this connection. In addition, you can do it directly from the panel of quick adjustments, so you do not need to look for the option every time you want to do it.

If for any reason, you need this active connection at all times, you should know that Android allows you to adjust which applications can access this setting, in addition to being able to change the working mode of this connection, being able to choose the energy saving mode.

The airplane mode is your ally

You should not take this adjustment by name to the letter, you can use it perfectly at home, for example, at night, thus preventing night drains of the device, which are usually caused by poor coverage. In addition, some settings such as WiFi or Bluetooth, can be activated even if you have activated the airplane mode.

Do not forget the 2G

Although it may seem an old and obsolete technology, the 2G connection can be a really useful ally when we talk about battery saving.

Surely, you do not always need to have a 4G or 3G connection while you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, therefore, activating the mode of only 2G, can prevent your device from looking for a better and faster connection, thus causing changes in coverage that They greatly affect the battery life.

Deactivates the annoying vibration

The vibration can be very useful to not miss any notification or call when you have the terminal in your pocket, but is it really necessary a vibration each time you press a letter of the keyboard?

Deactivates the annoying vibration

In addition to being annoying, the constant operation of the engine responsible for the vibration of the terminal, can affect the autonomy of the device, and the same with the vibrations for each touch on the screen, luckily, Android allows you to disable this option directly from the settings .

Software, the great unknown

Normally, the software is described as a set of programs used by a team to perform different tasks. And of course, we can take advantage of its potential to save battery life.

With the latest versions of Android, the battery saving has been improving little by little, thanks to DOZE, and other methods that allow increasing the efficiency of the terminal. In case you have a device that can not enjoy these improvements in autonomy, these tips can be useful.

Automate your tasks

In the Play Store, there are several applications that allow you to automate tasks, such as IFTTT or Tasker, the latter being much more advanced and complex.

Among the automations you could use to extend the autonomy of your Android, are those related to networks, for example, you can adjust that, every time you connect to a WiFi network, mobile data and GPS are deactivated, or activate and deactivate airplane mode at a specific time of the day. In addition to endless combinations that we leave to your imagination.

Do not close the applications

There are many opinions on whether you really have to close applications once we leave them, or if on the contrary you have to leave them in the background. In my opinion, both perform the first action manually and through the so-called Task Killers in a nefarious idea that can lead to a shorter battery life of your terminal. Why?

As we explained a few days ago, every time you close an application and want to open it again, many more resources will be used than if you really leave it in the background and only have to load the interface, because the data and settings will be kept in memory , thanks to the good management that Android makes of RAM.

Do not be afraid of battery saving apps

There is too much controversy surrounding battery saving applications. And rightly so, many of these applications not only do not improve this feature of the devices, but make it even worse.

However, there are applications such as Greenify, which can be very useful when extending the autonomy of your terminal, hibernating applications and preventing them from working constantly in the background.

Update your device

Although it may seem very obvious, many people do not update their terminals even though there are new firmwares available – while, others are pulling our hair because we do not receive updates.

This, in addition to a bad idea, is very unadvisable, since most updates offer new features and improvements that tend to positively affect battery life.

The danger of notifications

The notifications are useful, in this we are all in agreement. Although, depending on the settings and options chosen, can be a great ally when it comes to saving battery.

Automate synchronization

Self-synchronization is a setting as useful to you as it is dangerous for battery life. It is obvious that it can be difficult to live without this option activated, but if you automate this option, for example, to run for 5 minutes every 2 or 3 hours with any of the applications that we have shown you, you will get a longer duration of the battery because the device will not keep running constantly.

Beware of advertising

Some of the applications of the Google Play Store, and especially, the games, usually take advantage of the permissions granted to send notification

Many of these apps offer the option to deactivate this option, otherwise, it would not be a bad idea to block the advertising notifications sent by the application from the device settings, or search for a substitute for that type of app.

The world of root

For the end, I wanted to leave the settings related to root or superuser permissions, because not everyone is willing to lose the warranty of your device by winning a few more minutes of screen on. If this is not your case, these tips can be useful.

Say goodbye to the bloatware

Although less and less, manufacturers often add pre-installed applications in the devices, which can affect the battery of your device.

If you are root, thanks to applications such as Titanium Backup, or a simple file browser with superuser permissions, you will be able to eliminate these applications, always with great care and knowing what you are eliminating at any time.

Change ROM and Kernel

The most current devices, increasingly offer greater software optimization. But in the case of older terminals, which may not receive the latest version of Android, it is highly recommended to change from ROM to one with good opinions from users.

Unfortunately, there is no master ROM that is valid for all terminals in the market and offers the same features in all of them, but in this case, it is best to enter the different specialized forums, such as HTCManía or XDA-Developers, and soak up information about the different ROM’s available for your terminal.

On the other hand, the Kernel is the part of the software that is responsible for allowing the access of the operating system, to the different components or hardware of the terminal, and therefore, it is one of the most important parts of the software of the device.

Thanks to the different Kernels, you will be able to modify different parameters of the terminal hardware, such as the frequency of the processor or the amount of RAM a process can allocate, which can substantially improve the battery life.


So far our compilation of tips to save battery and extend the autonomy of your device to the maximum. Obviously, and even following all these tips, we will not get miracles, in addition, many users, are not willing to reduce the experience with the device in order to extend the battery of the terminal for a few hours, and therefore, I have decided not to include within these tips, some tricks that the only thing they do is inhibit many of the features of the terminal, as it could be the ultra-energy-saving mode of Samsung.

Finally, all these adjustments and tips, can be summarized as: turn off what you are not using and do not exceed the brightness or settings related to the screen. Thanks to these two tips, you can enjoy your terminal for a longer time without having to pay attention to the charger.

Still, we hope that this article will help, and as always, we would love to hear your opinion, so we encourage you to leave your tips to save battery in the comments below.

Best Websites To Learn Linux Online

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Best Websites To Learn Linux Online

Without a doubt, Kali Linux is one of the best distributions to learn about hacking; the reasons are too many. Therefore, many people choose to be self-taught and begin their journey through the world of computer security with this operating system.

On the internet you will find thousands of tutorials on how to use Kali Linux and its tools. However, many people are faced with doubts when wanting to carry out such tutorials. In this situation, it is necessary to look for more information, which often leads to more confusion.

There is no universal site to find information for a specific operating system, much less for Kali, but there are very complete websites, with very detailed information and tutorials.

Below I will show you the top 5 websites to learn hacking using Kali Linux. These sites are focused on beginners and provide all the resources needed to become a good hacker. It is important to mention that these sites are in English. It is clear that if you want to be a hacker you can not be but you do not learn at least technical English.

5 books on computer security that you should read to become a hacker

The 5 best websites to learn how to use Kali Linux

Best Websites To Learn Linux Online

5. Null Byte

It is not dedicated to Kali Linux directly, but rather to ethical hacking from the perspective of a “White Hat” hacker and computing in general.

Advantage :
· High quality content.
· Different authors with a lot of knowledge
· It has a forum to solve any doubt.

· It is not focused on Kali Linux
· The navigation is not very intuitive.

4. Hacking-Tutorial

It is one of the oldest sites, compared to the other sites on this list. For this reason you will find many tutorials based on Kali’s predecessor distro, Backtrack. Even so, your resources still have some value.

· High quality content.
· Most articles refer to Backtrack, although remember that many tools and commands are applicable to Kali as well.
· It only has one author, although this does not diminish the quality of its resources.

· Design a little messy.
· Too many Widgets

3. Hacking Tutorials

It is one of the newest sites and it is frequently updated.

Advantage :
· The homepage is pretty good
· Its content is of very good quality, I know that I have said this for the previous sites, but this is the main reason why it is in this list.
· You will find many tutorials that are not usually found on other websites. Most sites have redundant tutorials (how to hack networks …)

· Its content is not well organized.
· Usually have a lot of unnecessary text.

2. Black More Ops

This website is not limited to Kali Linux, it has many hacking tutorials.

· While it is true is not limited to Kali, it focuses basically on this operating system.
· Very good quality content.
· Intuitive navigation

· Many of your posts are news that do not provide many values ​​for learning.
· They usually share videos without valuable content, understand the fact that they are not tutorials.

1. Security Tube

This website has been online for a long time. Although it does not provide new content for free, its old content is of great value. The owner of the website offers certified courses and high-quality books for sale, which are worth buying if the budget is available.

· It is a gold mine if you are really interested in entering the world of hacking. All videos are free, certification has a cost.,
· It deals with quite advanced subjects.

· Many tutorials are based on Backtrack
· It is not easy to spend about 10 hours watching videos to understand the complexities of hacking.
Despite the above, it is an impressive site, if you are a security enthusiast, this site is the one you should visit.

Do you agree with this list?

Now I want you to help me write the post with “the best sites on computer security in Spanish (focused on the use of Kali Linux)”. Leave me your comment indicating what is the site or sites that you consider the best and the reasons why you consider should be in the list.


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Today we will explain and solve the error “ERR_CONNECTION_RESET”, this error appears in the Google Chrome browser.

Microsoft has fixed the error that caused Google Chrome to freeze on devices upgraded to Windows 10 with the April 2018 release. The cumulative update of May 8, 2018 for Windows 10, labeled KB4103721, addresses this issue, and The systems will automatically receive the patch as part of the Update Tuesday release. Something strange is that the release notes of this cumulative update do not include any reference to the correction of Google Chrome errors, but Microsoft says in an update of the original notice in the community forums that KB4103721 really solves the problem.

Microsoft originally acknowledged at the end of last week that Google Chrome, Hey Cortana, and maybe other applications were frozen in the Windows update on April 10, 2018 due to a problem, possibly causing the devices to be completely blocked. The company also offered two solutions, such as closing and opening the lid of the laptop so that Windows would work again.

And although this cumulative update addresses the freeze error in Google Chrome, update KB4103721 has a major problem at this time. No solution has been discovered so far, and users whose devices were affected by this error said that starting Safe Mode and removing the update was the only way to do it.

Microsoft has not yet recognized any problems with the cumulative update KB4103721, and this patch is still being published on Windows Update despite the reported problems.

When using Google Chrome you could get the error ERR_CONNECTION_RESET, this error is usually due to a problem occurred during the installation of the browser, however be aware that this error may be due to an inconvenience of the server of the website you are trying to enter . However if this problem occurs with several sites we can rule out that probability.

To solve it is very simple, there are different ways which will be explained below.

This error message is usually caused by a problem during the installation of the browser on the computer because a temporary directory can not be created on the computer for the browser installation process.

Keep in mind that there are cases in which you can view the web page correctly from the server, different devices or location, but not in Google Chrome, giving rise to the error “ERR_CONNECTION_RESET”.

To solve the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET we have two alternatives


1. Start-> Execute (cmd + enter) or press system symbol.
2. From the console, type the command: netsh winsock reset

netsh winsock reset


Go to Start -> Run and type% USERPROFILE% \ AppData \ Local and press Enter. You will have to press right button in the Temp folder and select Properties. Then click on the tab Security -> Edit:


We will go to the section Names of groups or users, we will select the name of our user. In the Deny column, we will activate the Reading and execution, Reading and Writing boxes. Then we will deactivate them again:


Finally we press apply and accept. And we will have to install the browser again.

We hope to have solved your problem, if you have not been served, comment on the article and we will try to solve it.

How to use Grammarly for Free

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“Will it be ‘why’, ‘why’, ‘why’ or ‘why’?”, “Will this be a cow or a roof rack?”, “Will we go ‘home’ or ‘hunt’?” Undoubtedly, Spanish is a complex language, and many people, even if it is their mother tongue, do not completely master their writing rules. So you can clear all your doubts, then we share 7 spelling manuals that you can download for free:

How to use Grammarly for Free

How to use Grammarly for Free

1. Manual of spelling of the Spanish Royal Academy

A classic to solve all your doubts, from the use of commas to how words that sound the same but do not mean the same are written. Download it here.

2. Spelling of the score in compulsory secondary education, by Lola Molina

It is a manual focused on the spelling that every secondary school student should handle, with special emphasis on the correct use of punctuation marks. If you have ever doubted how to place the commas or quotes, this manual is for you! Download it here.

3. Free Spanish spelling course

Although it is not a downloadable manual, this online and free course consists of different documents, each with an important teaching on the orthographic rules of our language. You can access the manual in this link.

4. Basic spelling and writing workshop, by Cecilia Culebra y Vives

It is a rich and complete manual about the main orthographic and grammatical rules. Enter here to download it.

5. Grammar and spelling, Let’s write !, of the National Institute for Adult Education (Mexico)

Ideal for those who wish to exercise their use of the language, this manual contains multiple exercises for you to put into practice the rules learned. Get it for free here.

6. Rules of spelling and grammar, of the Junta de Andalucía

It is a compilation of the main writing rules, applied above all to those who work in an office and use written communication in the workplace. You can download it in this link.

7. New grammar of the Spanish language, from the Royal Spanish Academy

This treatise on grammar meets the rules and regulations of all Spanish-speaking countries. Download the book here.