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we find a permanent assortment of 13,000 references, which go up to 20,000 euros throughout the year. The frescoes are selected at the place of origin and for sale they have an Blank December 2018 Calendar area expert who helps the client in the choice. The leaders of the chain justify that their prices are higher than in other establishments of the competition.

Blank December 2018 Calendar

“In the fish market we have wild fish products yesterday. This sea bass was in the sea yesterday, there is a big difference with a farmed seabass fed with feed, “says the group’s commercial director, Pascual Campos. Iberian ham is one of the star products (and the most expensive) of these establishments. Osborne, with his Cinco Jotas, is the main supplier of Sánchez Romero. Campos assures that they only sell the first quality of this product, which has been previously selected:

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“The others, which are what they have in other places -forgiveness-, we have not wanted them”. In this 1,050 meter place, the first opens the banner in the neighborhood of Salamanca, have also enabled a corner of sushi made with red tuna. In addition, ready meals and chickens are offered roasted. In each department -charcuterie, winery, greengrocer, fishmonger, etc.- there is an expert who advises and “helps the client find the product he needs”.

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Sanchez Romero only has two own brands: gazpacho, one of its best-selling products, and the packaged salads. On the other hand, the fruit that is brought to the supermarket in Castelló “has been cut the previous day” and belongs to “the best selection in Spain”, based on the words of Pascual Campo. In addition, we find an assortment of organic fruit and vegetables that is offered in bulk and without plastic containers. In this new supermarket, the “Premium 360” model is displayed,

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which the chain boasts with an expansion of exclusive services, among which they include a vip area in which to relax and have a coffee machine, a space for workshops and a new service of chef at home and catering by professionals accredited by Le Cordon Bleu. Two new stores in project With this inauguration,

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Sánchez Romero culminates a few months of small revolutions in which they have reformed the supermarkets of Castellana and the Moraleja Green in Alcobendas. Last July, the launch of its online sales portal with more than 7,000 references to the sale took place. The chain reached an agreement with Correos in which ultrafast deliveries are included on the same day for orders placed before seven in the afternoon. Without specifying how much sales so far,

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Ezquerra revealed that the web has had a “good reception” by consumers and that 30% of online customers are new. The Toro de Osborne, a hallmark, has seduced Japan: The inhabitants of the Nijpona cit Blank December 2018 Calendar y of Matsunoyama, in the Niigata prefecture, have decided to adopt the monumental silhouette installed since July as part of the world’s most important outdoor contemporary art exhibition («Echigo Tsumari “), as reported by the company in a press release.

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