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Ams’ automotive business continues its positive development, posting good results in the third quarter. With a focus on safety, driver assistance, positioning and chassis control sees ams a further attractive demand for his solutions. ams continues extensive development December Calendar For 2018 work for the announced significant project gain for VCSEL lighting in solid-state LIDAR, while customer interest in its automotive technologies is expanding, particularly in Asia and Japan.

December Calendar For 2018

This development is based on its differentiated portfolio and strong know-how in new and future applications such as 3D sensor technology and LIDAR. From the LIDAR market, ams receives very positive feedback on its VCSEL / driver IC solutions and its expertise in optical systems, so ams offers excellent optical performance in different LIDAR variants.

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Other industry participants are looking to ams for LIDAR and 3D sensing, while ams continues its design activities in a first 3D sensor project for interior design at a leading OEM. In order to support its diverse manufacturing needs, ams has additional investments in its third quarter Locations in Singapore, including facilities for the internal VCSEL production line from ams.


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The build-up of the internal capacity for high-performance VCSELs for consumer applications is proceeding according to plan and the start of volume production is planned for around the middle of 2019. In production, ams successfully implements the current high-volume product ramp-up for 3D, optical and other sensors, such as the high sales growth in the 3rd quarter shows.

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Production efficiencies for certain consumer products have risen to higher levels than expected due to greater efficiencies, while significant advancements in the optical sensor product filter coating process have significantly reduced process time, resulting in lower utilization of its expanded optical production and filter production capacity despite continued product ramp-ups , After further analysis, ams has decided to maintain this existing manufacturing capacity to support future growth plans. For strategic business assessment,

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ams can inform that, on the one hand, during the past months a significant acquisition opportunity has been evaluated, but has decided not to pursue this option , On the other hand, and looking to the future, ams sees that optical sensing technologies will support an even wider range of applications with significant growth potential for ams, including in areas such as audio sensing. At the same time, ams notes that future applications of optical sensing offer greater revenue potential and higher growth prospects compared to certain anticipated environmental sensing applications. Sams has therefore decided to underweight existing environmental sensorics activities in the future,

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focusing heavily on very attractive medium and long-term growth opportunities to focus on optical technologies. These include new fields of innovation such as photonic elements and photoacoustic structures. ams is currently preparing steps to implement these changes and expects to announce further details  December Calendar For 2018 with the next quarterly results. These decisions further strengthen Ams’ strategic approach and pursue a growth strategy based on the three pillars of optical, image and audio sensing In addition, it is preparing for the planned second listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, which is currently expected for the second quarter of 2019.

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The previously announced 3D sensor designs for Chinese smartphone supplier Xiaomi and another major Android smartphone manufacturer are in production. ams has also won two designs in Android 3D systems in ToF (time-of-flight) technology from various Asian smartphone OEMs, for which ams uses its illumination and VCSEL know-how. Ams’ medical equipment business posted another attractive quarter, with good volumes in computed tomography (CT), December Month Calendar 2018 digital x-ray, mammography, and miniature endoscopy cameras, where ams noted very positive market resonance. Using imaging and optical technologies, ams enables high-quality diagnostics and innovation for existing and new medical and personal health applications.

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The development activities of ams with influential Android market participants for reference solutions in the field of active 3D stereoscopy are progressing rapidly with strong commitment from the partners. ams enables high-quality implementation, making 3D sensor technology available to a broader range of Android devices, with further details expected to be released by the end of the year.


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Ams expects to use active stereoscopic 3D sensor technology based on ams technology in its first smartphones next year against a backdrop of advanced OEM discussions. Ams sees the competitive edge of its VCSEL technology and system expertise for its sophisticated high performance VCSEL portfolio in 3D sensor technology a dynamic development of design activities in various 3D systems.

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ams therefore expects to build a strong market position in high-performance VCSELs for consumer 3D sensor technology. At the same time, design success and advanced discussions for many 3D sensor programs confirm ams ‘strong market presence and underscore the strength of its 3D lighting portfolio for point projection, floodlighting, proximity sensing and pattern projection.

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Ams’ activities with OEMs and key market players, as well as extensive design activities for various 3D technologies underline the unrestrained dynamic in the spread of consumer 3D sensor technology, whereby different time axes have emerged in the market. In the meantime, ams is also implementing the ramp-up of optical TrueColor sensor solutions for display management in a very high volume.

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In addition, Ams won first designs for sophisticated proximity and light sensing behind the OLED display at a major Asian smartphone OEM that enables frameless phone design. ams continues to focus on developing new optical sensor applications while ams expects to launch its first deliveries of spectral sensors with attractive anticipated revenues in 2019. ams’ audio sensors business continued to perform robustly in the third quarter, while its other consumer product lines delivered encouraging revenues high volumes.


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The industrial, medical and automotive businesses of ams contributed very positively to the business development. The industrial business performed well in the third quarter thanks to continued solid demand in automation, HABA, industrial sensors and industrial imaging. As an important supplier of industrial sensor solutions to leading OEMs, ams benefits from increasing sensor usage in production, HABA, Industrial IoT and other markets. In Industrial Imaging, December Month Calendar 2018 its industry-leading global shutter portfolio continued to feature high-quality design wins and attractive growth prospects for the years to come. ams also won an industrial VCSEL design project for warehouse and distribution robotics at a leading online shopping provider.

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Adjusted net income for the third quarter was $ 18.6 million (adjusted for the change in the value of the foreign currency convertible bond option) compared to $ 23, 5 million in the same quarter of the previous year (3rd quarter of 2018: USD 68.8 million including change in value). Blank Calendar December 2018 Adjusted basic and diluted earnings per share for the third quarter were CHF 0.22 / 0.21 and USD 0.23 / 0.22, respectively,

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based on 82,518,624 / 84,893,054 shares (3rd quarter of 2018: CHF 0.82 / 0.79 and USD 0.83 / 0.81, including changes in value, Q3 2017: CHF 0.28 / 0.27 and USD 0.28 / 0.27, respectively, based on 83,390,747 / 86,716 .951 shares, weighted average each). Third quarter operating cash flow was $ 85.9 million, compared to $ 37.6 million in the year-ago quarter. Total order backlog (excluding consignment warehouse agreements) on September 30, 2018, was $ 601.7 million, up from $ 544.4 million at the end of the second quarter

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and $ 512.3 million at September 30, 2017. Ams’ business developed very positively in the third quarter of 2018, with the development being driven by the already anticipated extensive product ramp-ups in the consumer business. Supported by the expected pleasing demand situation in the other end markets, the results of the third quarter were thus completely in line with expectations. The Consumer & Communications business of ams once again accounted for the largest share of overall business in the past quarter.

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As a leading supplier of optical sensors, ams offers a unique portfolio that includes high-quality 3D sensor solutions including Vertical Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser (VCSEL) -based lighting, TrueColor and other high quality display management, spectral sensors, advanced proximity sensors and other optical applications , Thanks to its broad spectrum of technology, ams is an innovation leader in optical technologies and is driving forward the development of high-performance applications in optical sensors.

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ams is a leader in 3D sensor technologies, as evidenced by the extensive product ramp-up for 3D sensor technology, which ams implements in this semester for an important global smartphone platform. For this program, very high volumes of sophisticated optical systems based on complex optical fabrication and high-quality wafer level optics technology are currently running high .ams is strongly positioned to support current and future implementations of 3D sensing in 2018, 2019, and beyond in various technologies as the market dynamics in 3D sensor technology continue to increase.

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As expected, in the smartphone market, perennial development and implementation cycles for 3D sensor technology resulting from the complexity of the technology. However, this has no bearing on the clear focus on 3D sensing that AMS is seeing with smart phone OEMs and influential market players looking to leverage the technology in the years to come.ams sees a continued coexistence of the 3D sensor approaches Structured Light, ToF (Time-of-Flight) and active stereoscopy and is successful in all three areas.

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Based on ams’ leading portfolio of 3D sensing technologies, solutions and system know-how, ams addresses face-to-face and world-facing applications and is involved in numerous OEM projects and discussions at various stages. Among other things, this includes design activities for a world-facing 3D sensor Blank Calendar December 2018 application for a major smartphone OEM.

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“Our team invests across sectors and around the world in innovative companies that develop or leverage AI technologies , In doing so, we do not align the fund with a typical technology index that relies heavily on mega-cap technology stocks. Instead, the fund typically has an active Print December 2018 Calendar share of over 75% over most global tech funds, “says Thomas.

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Thomas’ team has decades of experience and expertise in the technology sector and has a direct line in San Francisco Silicon Valley. In terms of AI, he sees a rapid development potential: “Currently, we are still scratching the surface of what AI can achieve. In the coming years, AI technology will have an even stronger impact, as it is becoming more commonplace in our daily lives, “says Sebastian Thomas.

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The Allianz Global Artificial Intelligence fund is based on a strategy that AllianzGI and Sumitomo will jointly implement on September 9, 2016 Mitsui Asset Management and Nikko has entered the Japanese market. All in all, global assets will become part of this strategy managed by more than $ 4 billion. Premstätten – (continued title) … for optical / 3D sensor technology in smartphones; sequential and sequential Q4 growth expected with

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revenues of $ 570-610 million and sequentially higher adjusted operating margin; more focused growth strategy around optical, image and audio sensors to leverage growth potential in optical sensingPremstätten, Austria (October 22, 2018) – ams (SIX: AMS), a leading global provider of high quality sensor solutions, announces results for the third quarter with

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sales in the upper third of the expected range and operating profitability in line with expectations. ams successfully implements the expected production ramp-up for optical sensors in the consumer market, while the other divisions continued to perform well and in line with expectations. For the fourth quarter, ams sees continued growth, sequentially and year-on-year, with expected sales of $ 570-610 million and a sequentially higher adjusted operating margin due to ongoing high-volume product booms in the consumer business.

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Group sales in the third quarter were $ 479.6 million, an increase of 92% over the previous quarter and an increase of 57% compared to USD 305.5 million in the same quarter of the previous year. Adjusted gross margin in the third quarter was 33% (before acquisition-related charges and stock-based compensation expense), with a 31% gross profit margin under IFRS (including acquisition-related charges and stock-based compensation expense),

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compared to 41% and 37% in the prior year quarter, respectively Adjusted operating income (EBIT) for the third quarter was $ 60.2 million, or 13% of sales (excluding acquisition-related charges and stock-based compensation expense), and was below expectations, an increase of $ 40.5 million in the Print December 2018 Calendar same period last year ($ 37.3 million or 8% of revenues including acquisition-related charges and stock-based compensation expense, up from $ 12.3 million in Q3 2017). This expected positive result reflects the product-driven quarter as production volumes increase for a recently launched global smartphone platform.

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Storage no longer discriminateAndreas Riemkus, member of the German Bundestag for the SPD, spoke of a “brilliant step in the sector coupling”. Because many cars were unused 23 hours a day. Electric cars could now provide an added benefit for the power grid during Calendar December 2018 Printable this time. He also criticized the current regulation of storage systems, which require payment of the EEG levy both on and off. He wants to work for an end to this rule.

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There must also be different requirements, depending on whether a memory is used as a network-capable booster, short-term or long-term memory. Intelligence requires data. Thanks to a CHAdeMO charging connection, electric cars like the Nissan Leaf with integrated, bidirectional charging technology can not only use the power from the grid pull and store in the traction battery, but if necessary, feed back again.

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This is referred to as the Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) concept. (Photo © Bernhard Schaefer, Managing Director of the BDEW “NRW Group – Electromobility”, pointed out that the ultimate goal is CO2 targets to achieve and replace fossil fuels. For this one must convince the consumer of the entire system. Because if electric cars are to support the energy system,

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it is also necessary to process the data of the electric vehicles and the charging station. “We have to do some persuading,” he said. “But without the data it does not work.” The agreed Markus Emmert of the Federal Association e-mobility partially. His association has long been committed to manufacturers sharing their data. But that would be difficult and you have to clarify beforehand which data are needed at all and who owns the data.

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But at the latest when we took the next step in the mobility towards autonomous driving, detailed data is indispensable. Within only one and a half years, the Allianz Global Artificial Intelligence equity fund has raised more than € 1 billion in assets under management (AuM). This shows the strong international interest that private and institutional investors have in the financial use of the potential of artificial intelligence (AI). “We are pleased with the demand for this product and believe that artificial intelligence is a transformative technology.

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KI has the potential to rebalance the global economy and transform existing industry structures, “said Sebastian Thomas, Head of US Technology Research and portfolio manager of the fund. As Allianz Global Investors (AllianzGI), the fund will be responsible for international sales in March 2017 This was the first of its kind. The strategy behind it: to invest in companies that are driving the development and use of AI technologies and are ahead in the world – be it in the automotive, health or technology sectors.

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Unlike existing technology funds, the Allianz Global Artificial Intelligence fund is designed to take advantage of disruptive changes in Calendar December 2018 Printable AI technology. The fund manages to do this by investing in companies that can deliver above-average shareholder value through the use of AI. As a result, companies benefiting from AI will be analyzed and included in the portfolio to strategically participate in dynamic and sustainable growth across all markets.

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Equal to temperature in the south of Croatia, with a changeable shape. Rain, and also in the form of rain, especially along the coast. They will be moderately and heavily jugo, in the evening and stronger, with even more stormy strokes, and with ever wider sea. And in the days December 2018 Calendar Spanish following on land will continue relatively warm, and until Tuesday it will rain occasionally.

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The most expansive, with abundant precipitation, will be in the mountainous regions and in the interior of Dalmatia, where local floods are possible. On Wednesday, calm down – at least briefly. It will be moderate and strong southwestern and south, and the southeast wind that will weaken on Wednesday.

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In the Adriatic, the time from Sunday to Tuesday will be even worse than on Saturday. And not only because of the strong and stormy winds of these big waves that can flood the shore, but also because of the abundant rain and bad weather. Only the air temperature will not change significantly and will remain relatively warm. On Wednesday, calm down, then again might be rain and stronger south.

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And apart from the usual warnings on dangerous weather events and on its pages and on the pages of the European WeatherAlarm system – the following days due to rain and stormy winds in the Adriatic and areas around it – experts from the DHMZ also published a special statement.

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Due to the frequent rainfall on the following days, the October will be more rainy than the average, not only in Pazin and Dubrovnik, where it is due to rain from the first week, but also to the Adriatic and the areas along it, and rising temperatures will increase its above-average overheating heat this October in most places will be among the hottest in the history of measurement, sometimes even record-breaking.

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It is to be hoped that this will not happen too. With the aim of raising awareness and public awareness of the diseases and capabilities of cervical cancer and other premalignant and malignant lesions caused by HPV infections, the City Office for Health, the City Office for Education, the Commission for Prevention of Infection HPV and other sexually transmitted diseases and the Educational Institute of Public Health ‘Dr. Andrija Štampar ‘on Thursday organized a panel discussion with a notorious name’ Who would not be vaccinated against cancer? ‘

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The Panel has brought together a number of renowned experts from the field of gynecology and ophthalmology, dermatovenerology, school medicine and infectious diseases, which have prompted new discussions and offered the latest knowledge of the disease, the possibilities of protection December 2018 Calendar Spanish and vaccination, and the fears and prejudices about vaccination that are still present in the public.

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The Croatian Automobile Club warns drivers that during winter time calculations on motor vehicles, Driving time and daylight must be lit daily or short beam as stated in the Traffic Safety Act. Due to the protests of the migrant, the border crossing Maljevac was closed, the border December 2018 Calendar To Print crossings of Vitaljina and Dvor were closed because of the works. At the border crossing Gornji Brgat (DC223) is driven by a single band,

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in turn, with the regulation of traffic lights (for works). On Monday, October 29 from 13 to 17, the road will be closed for 20 to 30 minutes due to construction demolition. At the border crossings towards Bosnia and Herzegovina, the entrance is waiting for 10 minutes at the crossroads: Stara Gradiska (Bosanska Gradiška), Slavonski Brod (Bosanski Brod), Metković (Doljani) and

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15 minutes on exit to Serbia Bajakovo / Batrovci On Saturday, the main feature of time will be to strengthen the wind, and further increase the wave of wave and air temperature, and there will only rain. The air temperature will continue to be above the high end of October, which will be quite windy until the Tuesday, especially in the Adriatic and the areas along it,

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where there will often be abundant rain, which is why the DHMZ, in addition to the usual warnings of dangerous weather events , also announced a special announcementSubota – relatively warm but windy, especially with rain. The highest heat on Saturday will be most prominent in Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem, where the highest daily air temperature will be somewhere around 25 ° C. They will prevail over the sun, with a weak and moderate south and southwest wind that will be stronger in the afternoon. In central Croatia,

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it is slightly cloudy and windy than in the east. It will be partially sunny, and with a changeable cloud may seldom fall and it may rain, mostly in the most dense areas at the end of the day. There will be a moderate southwestern windfall, often with strong strokes.

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In the mountains and in the northern Adriatic, moderate to mostly cloudy, especially with the rain, especially in the wider area of ​​the river, where it can also hang. It will be more windy than on Friday, with moderate and strong south wind and south, sometimes with storms, and moderately wavy and wavy sea. The air temperature in the northern Adriatic is generally between 16 and 21 ° C and in the mountainous areas 13 and 18 ° C.

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In the middle Adriatic and in the interior of Dalmatia partly sunny, and somewhat more clouds will be some rain, mostly in the interior of Dalmatia. They will be moderately and very southward, sometimes and very strongly, with stormy strikes, especially towards the end of the Sabbath when the sea will be December 2018 Calendar To Print wavy and wavy. Air temperature in the morning from 13 ° C in the interior to 18 ° C on the shore and the highest daily of 21 to 24 ° C.

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Some countries in the east of Europe, starting from Finland and the Baltic states to the north, to Greece and Cyprus in the south, are one hour ahead of that group. Three countries, Portugal, Britain and Ireland are just an hour behind.Austria, currently December 2018 Calendar Editable chairing the European Union, wants to avoid confusion and has come up with a proposal to stay in “summer time,” but Vienna is even more important to establish a common time zone in Central Europe.

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The countries of the Benelux are also intending to consult each other.Germany, the largest in the European Union according to most criteria, is more inclined to keep up the summer’s time calculations. Croatia does not yet declare this. This issue will be at the center of attention of European ministers of transport, who is going to talk about it behind closed doors next week in Graz.

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He would not say he was normal German Bundesliga Deutsche Bahn did not concerned about their international services. Weather in neighboring countries will simply need to be marked as “local time,” says spokeswoman of German Railways. This is already a practice used on the Moscow route. The air traffic sector is less intangible and believes that any complicated international flight schedule will become even more complicated.

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One reason for this may be that the winter planes will be too late, which could extend the banning time of night flights at many airports. The Commission’s proposal has the support of the European Parliament, where MPs call for a quick decision to change the system that has been in force in the European Union since 1996. That year, member states agreed to move their watches to March and October.

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The purpose of this practice was to extend daylight and save energy, but this proved to be controversial, primarily because of the fears associated with the impact on human health. “To date, we have not had the practice of moving hands, and today someone comes up with such an idea, everyone would have told him it was not normal, “EPP speaker Peter Liese said.

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Because of the traffic accident, traffic to hold the DC20 road in Štefanec, the Štefanec-Ivanovec tour, the Croatian Auto Club (HAK) reported on Saturday morning. There are moorish and sloping roadways in the part of central Croatia, Lika, Gorski Kotar, Dalmatia, Croatian Littoral and Istria. The fog reduces visibility in Gorski Kotar, and it is also on the A6 Rijeka-Zagreb motorway between the Kikovica and Tuhobić tunnels.

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On certain sections of the highway and state and other roads are undergoing works on reconstruction or scrapping road works and regular maintenance. They are driven by temporary regulation, so drivers from the HAK call for extra caution and patience and the speed limitation December 2018 Calendar Editable in the working zone. In Croatia, as in most European countries, the last weekend in October, at 27/28. October, the clocks are shifted one hour backwards and thus begins the winter time calculation as regulated by the Decree on Summer Time Calculation in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

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In the televisions, he also fought on Senator Cory Booker and MP Maxine Waters, members of the Democratic Party, who also sent explosive devices. On one of his Twitter accounts, he says he is a former professional football player, wrestler, and a cage fighter. In his profile at LinkedIn, December 2018 Calendar Singapore he says he studied a veterinary at the University of North Carolina.

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He wanted to be a “honey doctor” because he “always loved the first animals here and they’ve never done anything to anyone, “he wrote. Says, he has mentioned many times to the tribe of North American Indians of Seminole on Twitter, and on Linkedin spoke about his Filipino roots, stating that his grandfather was a prominent surgeon in the Philippines.

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that he worked at the hotel and Hard Rock casinos owned by the Seminole Tribe in Hollywood, Florida, but the latter said in a statement they had “no confirmation” that he actually worked there or was a member of the tribe. This Sunday Europeans will once again move the clock back, perhaps Last but not least, there is an increasing pressure to abolish the rituals of moving twice a year, but it is a chaos, given that each of the 28 member states has a problem with the problem.

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The Europlanes will sleep this morning longer and in the morning to have more daylight from the next several But this could be the last reinstatement in October after we moved them in advance in March. This ritual is already over for decades, but the European Commission has recently proposed that it should be abolished and that each country decides what time to choose.

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This could be the last major decision that this composition will be made by the Commission and its head Jean-Claude Junker, that their mandate expires next year.The survey conducted across the European Union has shown that millions of respondents want to stop clock movements and that most of them are to keep the so-called ” summer time as a permanent one.

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“People want it, we will do it,” Juncker said. The goal is to make the proposed changes before the European elections in the spring of next year. By April each European country should consider what time it wants to rule. This will mean a very rapid implementation of the decision with regard to the European standards that make most decisions for the year. Nevertheless, some issues remain open. Working groups should assess the implications that The change brings not only individuals, but across the entire business sector, such as rail, air, and freight traffic.

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“Timelapse” Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, which are clocked for one hour ahead of most European countries, prefer a permanent December 2018 Calendar Singapore stay of summer time . Slovakia wants to keep the winter time permanently, while Portugal, for example, wants the hands to continue moving. Europe could thus face a “weather collage.” Currently, there are three time zones in the EU. Seventeen countries are facing Central European Time (CET), which summer becomes the summer of Central European Time (CEST).

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The hardest they have just started, the one to receive bribes from MOL this week as well, and the trial for Fimi media sometime earlier. These items last long as they are set in the beginning. There are more defendants and great evidence, regardless of whether it is a December 2018 Calendar Kalnirnay document or a large number of witnesses, and inevitably comes to spending time, “says Šerić.

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He adds that the examination of one witness lasts for a whole day, and in the case there are 20, 30 … “So we have to go through the expert witnesses, so they do not like this one party, so there are more hearings just for that, so new or additional expert witnesses … “, Šeric writes. With math math – we reach the first-instance verdict for two, three years, and can reach four, five years.

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A constitutional complaint? That’s another year or two. “That’s our reality. Potash capacity is a new problem. Judges working on major cases should be dismantled, so the trials will last for a shorter period, “said Šerić.

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Cesar Sayoc, suspected of sending at least thirteen handmade bombs to prominent persons critical of the US president, leaves the impression of a great Trump sympathizer who unremittingly attacks the Democrats in his often unmistakable messages on social networks The white van who was in his possession was blinded by the solemn photographs of Donald Trump and his vice president Mike Pence and the faces of democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama obstructed by a red target. One label says “CNN is worth nothing”.

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This network was regularly criticized by Donald Trump. They were sent suspect packages this week. The suspect named Cesar Altieri was born on March 17, 1962 and had a court file in Florida where he lived in Aventuras , north of Miami. In 2002, he was charged with a bomb threat, which can be seen from the Miami-Dade County court archive in which AFP was given insight.

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He was given a conditional sentence of one year imprisonment. In a photo he published in his Facebook account he wears a red cap with Trump’s pre-election slogan “Making America again big”. In his Twitter postings that often have no heads or tails and are written with spelling mistakes, Sayoc is calling on November 6 vote for republics in parliamentary elections, which will be crucial for the resumption of Donald Trump’s mandate.

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In recent messages of fierce attack on black candidate Florida Governor Andrewa Gillum, citing him for alleged inability to carrying the current duties of Mayor Tallahassee and accusing him of no evidence that the financier and donor are paid by Democrat George Soros. “Happy birthday to December 2018 Calendar Kalnirnay the best commander and fellow who has penetrated Washington along and across,” he wrote in June, on the occasion of Donald Trump’s birthday and the chief commander of the US Army. “Thank you for everything you do and despite all, do not stop. Just go ahead and build a fantastic Wall.”