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We not only worry about the markets but also that there is a risk of contagion in the real economy, “warned the national president of the Italian business association Confesercenti, Patrizia De Luise. De Luise considered that the Government should “recover confidence with a clear and convincing response to the Commission” and with a new budget document for 2019 that does not violate Community rules. «It is time to dispel the uncertainties. Italy must December 2018 Calendar USA defend its position in the European Union (EU) but it must do so in a climate of collaboration with the EC », reports Efe.

December 2018 Calendar USA

As for the trade union side, the general secretary of the CGIL union, Susanna Camusso, stressed that it is necessary for the Italian Government to stop “muscle tests” and to favor “a dialogue that allows it to build alliances in the EU”. In the same line was the union’s confederal secretary, Gianna Fracassi, who warned that

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“Italy is now in a difficult position with the European institutions” and should encourage “a positive dialogue and generate alliances.” For the general secretary of the union UIL, Carmelo Barbagallo, it is true that “the European rules” on fiscal matters “must be changed”, but he considered that it should be done with dialogue and not with confrontations.

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Financial storm Italy is in danger of a financial storm and the economy minister, Giovanni Tria, gave the alarm yesterday, after the risk premium closed yesterday at 322 points -the Spanish also rebounded up to 135.80-. “We can not take much with a risk premium at these levels; There is a problem for the banking system, for the weaker part, “said the Minister of Economy at the RAI.

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The alarms go off, but the Italian populist government maintains its open challenge to the European Commission and counterattacks after the Brussels decision to reject the state budget for 2019 due to its excessive deficit: 2.4%. The Commission gives three weeks to rectify, but the vice president of the Government and Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini,

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leader of the League, closed the game: “There is an attack on the Italian economy. But we do not change. We are protecting the Italians. Brussels can send 12 letters, but budgets do not change, “said Salvini, who did not hesitate to answer the words of Mattarella:” The head of state, which asks more attention to the weak, I say that with our economic maneuver are increased the pensions of the disabled and many are allowed to retire. The Italians have asked me for more work,

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less taxes and less bureaucracy. There are 5 million poor people, I do not accept it; I will not cancel poverty, but I want to put more money in the pockets of the Italians ». A nurse from the Hospital Clínico Universitario de Caracas, who requested anonymity, gave the alarm that two bodies had exploded in the morgue due to lack of December 2018 Calendar USA refrigeration with the risk of contaminating the patients in the health center this Tuesday.

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Yes, of course yes. But when you read the scriptures you have to see what the tradition intended, not what you think you should have contributed. You have to make a historical approach, but at the same time you have December 2018 Calendar With Holidays to see how people interpreted the Scriptures at that time. How have different religions approached their books? Before everyone could read,

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and before the printing press , people listened to the Scriptures. At that time, no one intended to cling to the original text. History shows that people have always interpreted it. There are Muslim clerics who say that when a text closes in on itself, it dies. Do you think that the human being will be able to do without religion at some point? Sometimes it seems, with the advance of the sciences.

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I do not think it has to do with science. The human being has a tragic condition. Unlike other animals, we have to live being aware of our mortality, of our inescapable death. Neurologists have recently explored our brain, and have discovered that in the left hemisphere there is poetry, religion and the arts. In law, there is science and analysis. We need both, because we are beings that ask questions. Dogs, for example, do not care about the sufferings of other dogs in other parts of the world,

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nor do they think if they should be friends with cats. Religion, like music and poetry, is an artistic expression. When we listen to music, we know that it has a meaning, although we do not know how to express it. Music gives neither answers nor a sense, but it is an answer and a sense in itself.

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If human beings do not find meaning in their lives, they fall into despair. Can we conclude that religion is a form of consolation? Yes. But we need that consolation, because when we are desperate we do terrible things. We can not live without giving meaning to our lives, or without considering the sacred human beings. Art also tells us that when we see a Dutch woman in a painting, doing her housework, but with her sense and her beauty. If we stop seeing human beings in that way, we have Auschwitz. The president of the Republic,

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Sergio Mattarella, in the midst of the storm with the EU over budgets, intervened yesterday to invite parties to respect the fundamental principle of balance in the numbers, making a special call not to increase the public debt: “It is necessary to avoid that the disorder of the public finances produce hard counterattacks especially to the weakest sectors, to the families that save thinking about their children and to the companies that they create work ».

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The situation provoked by the populist government has alarmed employers, unions and economists who yesterday asked the Italian Government to rectify its draft budgets for 2019 and leave the isolation in which December 2018 Calendar With Holidays it is, after the European Commission (EC) asked on Tuesday a new plan. “We can not afford three weeks of uncertainty anymore.

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It seems that fundamentalism is based on the literal interpretation of these texts. How should we approach the Bible, the Koran or the Torah to prevent that from happening? You have to read my new book, about the Scriptures of all religions, and not just the main monotheistic ones. Up to modern times, most People could not read, so December 2018 Calendar Excel the Scriptures were sung, chanted or acted. It was not about going to the original text, but trying to deal with current issues. If it was not achieved, it was useless. Now, in Islam, there are people who read the scriptures in a very innovative way.

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Confucianism also says that its scriptures speak of the sacred side of nature, relevant at this time when we are facing serious problems with climate change. From what I understand, the Koran is a book revealed directly by Allah to Muhammad. It is the word of God. However, it is assumed that the Bible was written by men,

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like the Evangelists. Does this difference make interpreting the Qur’an, and not taking it literally, more difficult than interpreting the Bible? Yes and no. In Christianity, Jesus represents the word of God, converted into man and book. But that was not understood in the past as literally as now, in the scientific world. Before, as it was the word of God, it was infinite, and could not be linked to a single interpretation. Muslim exegesis is also extremely creative.

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What is now done in universities is to return to the original text. In the case of Islam, Muslims perceive that they are constantly attacked, and that their Scriptures are criticized and despised. That makes them defensive. All the fundamentalist movements that I have studied, in the three great monotheistic religions,

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are born because some believers have felt insulted by the liberal communities, and by the secular society. There are many people who do not know the Scriptures. The Koran must be heard. Koran means to recite. Pretending to read it from the first to the last page is like reading the libretto of an opera. The Scriptures, especially the Koran, are sound.

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And music causes all kinds of sensations in the brain. When it is sung, the Qur’an makes people feel amazed, appeased or saddened by the effect of the music that comes to them. So, according to you, can you say that the Qur’an is a poetic text, and that therefore its meaning is not literal? Yes. But all the Scriptures are poetry, also the Bible.

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The problem is that now, in this scientific society, we want to be literal, and we read the Scriptures as if they were History. When we read a novel Jane Austen’s, it does not bother us to know that Mr. Darcy has never existed. The same thing happens with the Bible and with the stories about Jesus: they are not History, because before the eighteenth December 2018 Calendar Excel century nobody wrote it. But I believe that both the Bible and the Koran can provide historical information about the societies that existed at the time of their redacción.

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Formerly, when agriculture was the main cause of the gap between the peasants and the aristocracy, the peasants did not see how the rich lived. Now, with the media, with advertising, internet and movies, it shows December 2018 Calendar Word off wealth, which shows itself to the rest of the lot, and the poor get very angry. Especially when we talk about equality, and how righteous we are. But do not you think that religions have often served to sustain precisely those inequalities, and not to fight them? Yes, of course.

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All have done it. That absurdity occurs in Christianity, which is based on a man crucified by Roman authority, but who Then he has a paradox, and that is that an emperor, Constantine, becomes. And also in Islam, which begins as a petition for justice, and ends up being an empire. However, from the beginning, and throughout history, there have been people who have risen and who have wanted to face inequalities. In Christianity,

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during the Middle Ages, there was a debate about temporal power and the spiritual power, on whether the attributions of the king and those of the Pope should be different or not. Was there in Islam, where the caliph held political and religious power, a similar debate? I am totally in favor of the secular States, but for me they are not an absolute ideal.

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In the United States, where secularism began, people believe that they should not get involved in politics. They take care of their soul and their prayers, but without worrying about the poor or suffering. The British John Locke said that religion is a private search, and, consequently, religion has been privatized. In London,

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last winter it was very cold. London is one of the richest cities in the world, but there were, however, a record number of homeless people on the street. Did the archbishop of Canterbury, the rabbi, or the archbishop of Westminster say anything? Not at all. Because they do not want to get into politics, and that’s not right. In Islam there are also people rising up and protesting from below, but never in government. When people come to the government, it becomes corrupt.

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Do not you think that those values ​​of solidarity and help to the most disadvantaged can be deduced and embraced from atheism? Yes, of course. Of course. Although not much solidarity is observed from that atheist position. Frankly, I do not think the founders of religions would have cared about people’s religious beliefs. The Koran says that you have to take care of the poor, and Jesus likewise: “Because I was hungry, and you gave me food; I was thirsty, and you gave me drink; I was a stranger,

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and you received me; I was naked, and you clothed me; sick, and you visited me; in prison, and you came to me ». For me, that’s religion. It’s about doing those things. When he wrote about fundamentalism, December 2018 Calendar Word he studied Christianity, Judaism and Islam, three religions that have books as their cornerstone.

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Precisely, this interview begins with a question about one of his works, “The origins of fundamentalism in Judaism, Christianity and Islam” (Tusquets, 2004). In his book, explains that the rise of fundamentalism is linked to the emergence of secularism in our societies. It depends on how secularism has been introduced. In Muslim countries, it was not an organic December 2018 Calendar PDF or natural development, but something imported from outside and sometimes imposed in a very violent way. In Iran, the Shah made the soldiers take to the streets with bayonets, and Reza Pahlavi ordered the police to kill and shoot many demonstrators.

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this context, secularism was not something benign, and it caused a reaction. In any part of the world, fundamentalism has developed after something perceived as an attack by liberals or secular people. The Egyptian writer Al-Aswany said in an interview that Islam and democracy can only coexist if Islam It stays inside the mosque.


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What do you think? Islam can not stay in the mosque. No religion can stay in the temple, because that destroys it. In the Scriptures, and in all religious traditions, be it Chinese, Indian, Christian, Muslim or Jewish, it is said that we must go out, help the world and do good. Even Buddha,

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who meditated and did yoga, insisted that monks had to work close to people. If religion stays within the private sphere, it becomes a form of egocentricity, selfishness and indifference. But religion developed as a reaction against the injustices committed by the State. No State is ever up to its ideals, and there is always a gap between the rich and the poor. Even the United States, which is the richest country in the world, has enormous inequalities.

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The religions were born as an attempt to improve things and tell the State that we must help the poor and care about them. Precisely, you date in the axial period, from 700 a.C. to 200 d.C., the origin of some of the great religions, and links its birth to the origin of agricultural societies, whose development gave rise to inequalities. Before the nineteenth century, all societies were agricultural

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. It was an inequitable system, divided between a tiny minority, a kind of aristocracy that accounted for 5 percent of the population, and serfs. Historians say that without this terrible system human beings would not have progressed beyond a primitive level, because the well-off class was the one who developed the arts and sciences, which at the same time were the bases of progress.

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In the 19th century, first in the United Kingdom and then in the rest of Europe, the industrial society was born. The system has not been more fair and there is still a huge gap between the rich and the poor. Now, worldwide, a December 2018 Calendar PDF new aristocracy has emerged: the West against the rest of the world. We see it in the amount of immigrants that exist today, who come in small boats because in their countries they can not live, and who die to enter Europe.