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Best Websites To Learn Linux Online

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Best Websites To Learn Linux Online

Without a doubt, Kali Linux is one of the best distributions to learn about hacking; the reasons are too many. Therefore, many people choose to be self-taught and begin their journey through the world of computer security with this operating system.

On the internet you will find thousands of tutorials on how to use Kali Linux and its tools. However, many people are faced with doubts when wanting to carry out such tutorials. In this situation, it is necessary to look for more information, which often leads to more confusion.

There is no universal site to find information for a specific operating system, much less for Kali, but there are very complete websites, with very detailed information and tutorials.

Below I will show you the top 5 websites to learn hacking using Kali Linux. These sites are focused on beginners and provide all the resources needed to become a good hacker. It is important to mention that these sites are in English. It is clear that if you want to be a hacker you can not be but you do not learn at least technical English.

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The 5 best websites to learn how to use Kali Linux

Best Websites To Learn Linux Online

5. Null Byte

It is not dedicated to Kali Linux directly, but rather to ethical hacking from the perspective of a “White Hat” hacker and computing in general.

Advantage :
· High quality content.
· Different authors with a lot of knowledge
· It has a forum to solve any doubt.

· It is not focused on Kali Linux
· The navigation is not very intuitive.

4. Hacking-Tutorial

It is one of the oldest sites, compared to the other sites on this list. For this reason you will find many tutorials based on Kali’s predecessor distro, Backtrack. Even so, your resources still have some value.

· High quality content.
· Most articles refer to Backtrack, although remember that many tools and commands are applicable to Kali as well.
· It only has one author, although this does not diminish the quality of its resources.

· Design a little messy.
· Too many Widgets

3. Hacking Tutorials

It is one of the newest sites and it is frequently updated.

Advantage :
· The homepage is pretty good
· Its content is of very good quality, I know that I have said this for the previous sites, but this is the main reason why it is in this list.
· You will find many tutorials that are not usually found on other websites. Most sites have redundant tutorials (how to hack networks …)

· Its content is not well organized.
· Usually have a lot of unnecessary text.

2. Black More Ops

This website is not limited to Kali Linux, it has many hacking tutorials.

· While it is true is not limited to Kali, it focuses basically on this operating system.
· Very good quality content.
· Intuitive navigation

· Many of your posts are news that do not provide many values ​​for learning.
· They usually share videos without valuable content, understand the fact that they are not tutorials.

1. Security Tube

This website has been online for a long time. Although it does not provide new content for free, its old content is of great value. The owner of the website offers certified courses and high-quality books for sale, which are worth buying if the budget is available.

· It is a gold mine if you are really interested in entering the world of hacking. All videos are free, certification has a cost.,
· It deals with quite advanced subjects.

· Many tutorials are based on Backtrack
· It is not easy to spend about 10 hours watching videos to understand the complexities of hacking.
Despite the above, it is an impressive site, if you are a security enthusiast, this site is the one you should visit.

Do you agree with this list?

Now I want you to help me write the post with “the best sites on computer security in Spanish (focused on the use of Kali Linux)”. Leave me your comment indicating what is the site or sites that you consider the best and the reasons why you consider should be in the list.