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They were invited by the EU and NATO authorities to carefully review what is happening in the border area. Another oil on fire these days was the publication of a list with about 300 names of the more prominent Ukrainian Hungarians, which published on its website the Ukrainian paramilitary  November 2018 Calendar Marathi nationalist group Myrotvorets. The publication of the name, which resembles a landmark,

November 2018 Calendar Marathi


has caused a justifiable fear among the Hungarian minority in Zakarpatia, especially since the “peacekeepers” are previously known for their intimidation methods. The novices at the galleries of the Ukrainian “peacekeepers” are openly supported by the adviser in the Foreign Ministry, Anton Gerashchenko , and more than 4500 Ukrainian journalists are also familiar with their techniques of action, which are also found in the so-called. among them were the names and personal details of the Ukrainian writer Oles Buzin and parliamentarian Victor Kalashnikov,

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killed just days after the announcement. The frightened part of the Ukrainian public has called for an investigation, but the security services claim that the members of the Myrotvorets group did not commit the slightest violation. These days, the group on social networks published a list of Ukrainian Hungarians with dual citizenship, which infuriated Budapest and was reacted by the Hungarian boss diplomats Peter Szijjarto accusing Kiev and President Petro Poroshenko of implementing a systematic policy of spreading hatred against non-Ukrainians

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in order to gather political points and popularity. She notes that dual citizenship is banned in Ukraine, and recently there has been a recording of how Hungarian diplomats hand over Hungarian passports members of their own minority who live in Ukraine and swear fidelity to Budapest, which was proclaimed in Kiev as a betrayal and a terrorist attack. The first on the lists, and then the cemeteries, Szijjart’s deputy Magyar warned that this was the so-called ” black lists, as three hundred mostly local officials are listed as enemies of Ukraine and

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how it happened that people from such lists subsequently become victims of murders, accusing the entire action of the Ukrainian secret service.Magyar expressed additional concern arguing that a petition for a collective deportation of all those who have dual citizenship, but also because of the apparent relocation of the Ukrainian army units at the border with Hungary and the appearance of several military installations right next to the border. The intolerance flashed in September this year, after Ukraine adopted

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a new law on education that does not allows classes in the languages ​​of national minorities, to which the Hungarians there have responded by the establishment of the “Self-determination for Zakarpatje” campaign, which is fighting for the independence of this border region, which according to the claims of Kiev uncontrollably boom smuggling and the pro-terrorist terrorist groups

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are formed. In the conflict, about ultra-modern movements on both sides of the border, especially Hungarian Jobbik, who openly calls for the annexation of that region in the west of Ukraine. Putin’s water The current Ukrainian analysts point out that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is behind everything November 2018 Calendar Marathi else, and the strong support of the Hungarian minority in regional aspirations just goes on hand it over to Russian President Vladimir Putin in his efforts to weaken Ukraine and halt her path to the Eurointegration.

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have two billion euros in investment, which is more than ever in a single year, “said Prime Minister Plenkovic. The journalistic question said that there would be no reconstruction of the government despite the fact that Milan Bandic came to ten deputies, and allegedly Free Printable November 2018 Calendar Milanka Opacic was the eleventh, and that Bandic does not ask for anything, and that nothing is offered to him.

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He also announced that he will read the book Martina Dalić, and when the journalist pwhere Milijan Brkic told them that he did not know where he was, since he was in Makarska, Split and Hvar. Asked further on whether Croatia should lift the border at the BiH border with regard to the migrant crisis, said that “they are not at that stage.” “The Croatian border police with 6300 people protects our border and prevents illegal migration in cooperation with the border police of our neighboring countries” , Prime Minister Plenkovic replied.

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The accusation of a referendum initiative that accuses him of undemocratic conduct of signing counts said that he did not see any controversial elements in that, indeed, the Ministry of Administration invited all who wanted, whether they were part of the two referendum initiatives or were interested the public, to check all those signatures that were declared invalid or invalid, and that this is a high degree of transparency.

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“I allow people to have another opinion, but there is no reason why the state institutions and bodies that were in charge and who received the compensation, check the signatures. Why would they do it in any other way than the only one who is real, and that is legal, “Prime Minister Plenković concluded.The Croatian People’s Party (HNS) praised on Saturday the results of the work of its ministers, which it says Croatia has been waiting for for decades, the party says they have a clear plan for the next two years with slogan “Neither left nor right, just ahead.”

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“In a little over a year, HNS made very important breakthroughs in its ranks, Croatia has been waiting for decades. The education reform finally entered schools, and the issue of protected tenants is being solved, “HNS President Ivan Vrdoljak praised on the sidelines of the central committee of the party, where members will discuss the current political situation,


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the work of HNS ministers, science and education Blazenka Divjak and the construction and spatial planning of Predrag Štomar.In his submission, Vrdoljak states that the European Commission report, which says, clearly stated that it was finally heading in the right direction with the reform of education. He also praised HNS’s contribution to the pension and tax reform. believes that, as a new practice,

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it would be good to introduce an announcement to citizens or to the Parliament, which they can expect in the next two years. “The Free Printable November 2018 Calendar HNS has a clear plan to work, a clear direction, neither left nor right, but we are ahead,” Vrdoljak said. He rejected comparisons with populists who said similarly, “but they drag back as they say about reducing human rights.”

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He was asked to cross HNSs Vrdoljak said that he did not mind when someone changed the club, but there are when it comes down to personal motives. “The problem is if this is reduced to personal motives, and that is political corruption, and I condemn this most cruelly November 2018 Calendar Free and we expect the authorities to investigate this and sanction the most severely, “Vrdoljak said.

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Asked about the relations in the Government and the number of MPs in the Parliament, he said that the result should be directed. “And the results delivered by HNS ministers are among the best in the government,” said HNS leader. For a criminal complaint against the organizers of referendum initiatives, Vrdoljak said that he wanted to send a political message against the reduction of rights to certain citizens in the way of counterfeiting According to the fate of the Uljanik shipyard,

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he said that it should be calculated as cheaper for citizens and better for the survival of shipbuilding at that location: controlled bankruptcy or commencement of restructuring. “It was very likely that HBOR should monitor how the issued guarantees were spent,” he replied to the question on the unintentional spending of money. Stromar: We have provided 5,500 apartments for young people.

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Minister Predrag Štromar praised the successful solution of housing issues of youth through incentive housing construction projects and subsidized loans. “In 16 months, we provided 5,500 apartments for young people,” said Štormar. and announced that it will continue in the years 2019 and 2020 at an even stronger pace. He also announced the continuation of energy renovation of public and multi-storey buildings and family houses, solving landslide problems, and further work on simplifying bureaucracy.

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Minister Blaženka Divjak emphasized that reform of education is going on in a good direction. “This is not a race of 100 meters, this is a marathon,” she said, announcing that the next year the reform enters all the schools in Croatia. In the vocational education, he announced the construction of 25 centers of competence, as well as the change of the rules on awarding teachers and professors.

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At the session of the SDP’s Main Committee on Saturday, party president Davor Bernardic said in the introductory speech that “people are leaving the country because they have enough to watch how criminally underworld governs the state. “” They leave because they see how the political and judicial system is being abused massively, how corrupted, and how the affairs like Borg, SMS and elite prostitution are trying to cover up, “said Bernardic. Bernardic stressed that the cover-up of the affair would not allow .

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“In order to continue to try to cover up an affair, they are ready with some of the mangups from our ranks to enter the combine whether the SDP would have been extradited to the HDZ through various rubber bonds, personal insights and pressures occurring somewhere else – not on the Ibler’s square November 2018 Calendar Free or in the centers of some other parties – rather than where the capital and where our country wants to sell off, “he stressed SDP leader and said they would “not allow” them.

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At the other end of the chronological spectrum, Joe Trickey of Croydon celebrated his 83rd birthday on the march and said ” I believe very strongly in the EU as a place of peace and strength. ” Read lower letters in contractDr. Mike Galsworthy of the NHS Against Brexit movement warned that November 2018 Calendar Telugu it was not yet too late. “Regardless of whether you voted to stay or leave when the contract comes to the table,

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you have the right to read everything in lower case, and even then say” no, no, no, that’s not what I want to sign. “Alastair Campbell warns, , who was the Director of Communications in the government. “Brexit, what they promised and brexit for which the campaign was successfully completed,” does not exist. “Mirando Mardić founded the Democrats on Saturday,

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a new party in the Croatian political celibacy and political issues in the Dnevnik Nova TV.” It is a party of new faces, a party with young people who do not expect the party to have a party to do something, but they want to give the party, and it’s a non-holding party that will collect those who have not realized their goals of life or who want to hunt in a hurry, said Mric. He said that they were modest and would be financed from their own pocket.

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He suggested that the Democrats were a party to the left center and that everyone with a similar witness was welcome to cooperate, and the SDP, when one day, was settled. Mrsic also said that she wants the left to unite and oppose the orbitalization of Croatia that is taking place today. He also convened Milan Bandic, whose ten-member party in the Croatian Parliament was reached.

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Mrsic believes that this is about political trade and that it is time to say in Croatia very well that there is a lot of political trade and that there is a lot of work for DORH here. Asking how he comments on the louder talk about the reconstruction of the Government that Bandic could seek for Mrsic was short. The number of hands Milan Bandić has in the Parliament is all possible.

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It will probably be asked by the Ministry of Justice, “Mrsic said. At the beginning of the week, from the outset to the brink of an open conflict escalated a diplomatic row between Kiev and Budapest, and the latter sent a protest note and withdrew its ambassador from the Ukrainian capital because of the black leaves of the ethnic Hungarians, but also because of the provocative moves of the Ukrainian army on the common border ”

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anti-government policy has reached a new level, “claims the deputy foreign minister Levente Magyar, charging Kiev with increasing tensions between the two neighbors. As a member of the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a number of complaints to Kiev were sent to Brussels November 2018 Calendar Telugu to try to block Ukraine on her way to closer cooperation with the Western block.

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The moment of exit should not be ignored because Croatia is entering a group of countries that fail to attract more citizens to those elections, in the past two times it was about 25 percent. This is not a good result considering the importance of the European Parliament and the role it plays November Calendar For 2018 in the creation of legislation regarding the citizens of Croatia, “he said.”

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That does not mean that the turnout will be smaller, and, moreover, I am worried about the higher exit because we see that eurofood, Eurosceptic, xenophobic and chauvinistic parties in Europe are motivated to record success in those elections, and then affect the work of the EP, or rather obstruct it, “Picula said. Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said Saturday after the session of the HDZ County Committee ,

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announced that this party will likely go independently to the European Parliament elections, expressing the conviction that they will win them. We have not yet discussed that, but very likely, because we have a lot of great potential candidates for the elections, Plenkovic answered, HDZ go on its own to the European Parliament elections in the spring of 2019.

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It is believed that the HDZ will win those elections because the pro-European government and the party that is part of Europe’s largest political family and should contribute to the overall victory of the European People’s Party. He dismissed charges of a referendum initiative for undemocratic referendum counting. He said that he did not see any controversial elements in this, that the Ministry of Administration invited all who wanted to check the signatures that were declared invalid or invalid, and that this was a high degree of transparency.

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Asked whether Croatia should raise the fence at the border with BiH considering the migrant crisis, said that “they are not at this stage.” “The Croatian border police with 6300 people protects our border and prevents illegal migration in cooperation with the border police of our neighboring countries,” Prime Minister Plenkovic replied. the reconstruction of the government despite the fact that Milan Bandic came to ten parliamentary deputies, that Bandic does not ask for anything, as well as that he is not offered anything.

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He also suggested that he read the book Martine Dalić.Upitan where Milijan Brkić, vice president of the Croatian Parliament and deputy the HDZ president, said he did not know, because he had been in Makarska, Split and Hvar in the past few days. The HDZ Prime Minister and President reminded that his current meeting in Split, 14 in the past three months throughout Croatia, completed a three-day stay in the Split-Dalmatia County with her. At a meeting in the County HDZ, there were discussions on how many HDZ-led governments are working for Dalmatia, the coastal counties and the Croatian islands.

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“It was important for colleagues to get closer to how important projects are, how much they are and how many departments will be engaged in their implementation in the months ahead, and the basic elements of what is happening at the national level, that is, a summary of our initiatives at the half November Calendar For 2018 of the Government’s mandate, further engagement in the implementation of structural reforms and further fiscal consolidation, and the further attraction of investments.

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Marsh was held at the same time as a brexit support meeting in the northern English town of Harrogate, organized by the Leave means leave group. According to the Guardian, about 1200 people gathered there, including Nigel Farage, a lawmaker in the European Parliament, and one November 2018 Calendar South Africa of the most prominent leaders in the campaign to leave before the first referendum in June 2016.

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According to Harrogate’s official website, it is one from three places in the province of Yorkshire, which decided to stay in the EU in that vote. “Our message is – carry the brexit, fulfill the promises you have given us – you said that if we voted for the departure that it would happen and that must be so,” Farage told the BBC. And the best agreement on breXit – in June 2016,

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with a majority of 52 percent of the vote, the British voted to leave the EU.Laburist Lord Adonis, the proponent of the rest, in London, pointed out that chaos and confusion this week “showed that even the current best possible the deal was bad for Britain. ” London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan addressed the representatives of the main political parties, and Scotland’s Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon also sent a message of support. In the 2016 referendum, Scotland voted with 62 percent to stay in the EU,

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and Northern Ireland with 55.8 percent, while England voted for England with 53.4 percent and Wales with 52.5 percent. The overall response was 72 percent. A set of support for the United Kingdom’s stay in the EU was also held in Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland. Vice President Sinn Fein Michelle O’Neill said there were brexite supporters showing “ruthlessness” toward Northern Ireland residents, the Guardian reported.

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“They do not care about jobs and rights and are willing to take our economy across the cliff,” O’Neill said. The issue of the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland is one of the heaviest in the negotiations between London and Brussels. After a three-decade-long agreement between the pro-British majority and Irish nationalists, the 1998 Belfast agreement removed military control points between the two Irish and today, twenty years after that agreement, brexit threatens to return control to that 500-kilometer-long border.


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May this week in Parliament reiterated that it excludes holding a new referendum on breXit and reminded pro-European critics that “17.4 million people voted to leave the EU.” Young people and their futureAnkete shows that majority in the mood is now in favor of remaining in the EU, but the country is still deeply divided over the issue. Greater Britain has set the date on March 29 as the date of exit from the EU,


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which means that the agreement must be reached by November, since it must be ratified by the British and European parliaments.  November 2018 Calendar South Africa Many have participated in the march students who were not old enough to vote on the 2016 breed referendum and they warn today that their future is in question. “Young people will lose the most. I’ll be poor and I will not have equal career opportunities,” said 16-year-old Leo Buckley, a march participant.

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German Justice Minister Katharina Barley (Social Democratic Party of Germany SPD) also supported the report. “No one inside the rule of law has the right to some secret archives,” Barley said. Tonino Picula, SDP’s deputy in the European Parliament, said on Saturday after the session November Month Calendar 2018 of the Main Board of the party that the SDP would be under three eurozone,

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they won in the past elections, there was a failure “It would be good to win three seats. According to some PES estimates for these elections, they will receive significantly less than in the past elections because of the departure of British laburists.The same projections for the SDP envision three mandates in the future convening, we need to consolidate and confirm those statistics that do not work against us.

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Under three representatives, it can not be characterized by success, and three or more is definitely a success, “Picula said. We have set the goal to repeat the result of the 2014 election at least and distributed tasks to local branches in order to define the SDP’s voting support in those elections. The SDP will perform independently on those elections, although they are significantly different and more difficult circumstances than 2014,

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the same result is more difficult to achieve because it is within Europe, in a very serious crisis, only four EU Member States have social democrats in power, either alone or in a coalition, “Picula said. He said that a list of 30 names was read out on the Main Committee, including his, and that a list of 12 names for the eurozone will be formed from it. He confirmed that on that list and Biljana Borzan,

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however, the final list will be confirmed by the Presidency and the Main Board at the beginning of December, ahead of the PES Congress in Lisbon. Is SDP participating in the Euro-elections, Picula says that they will be responsible for this clarifying that the list is proposed to the President and the Presidency, and the Main Board has the possibility of correction.

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He also added that “he would not like SDP to win the EP before the elections for EP, because such a party should not be a political competitor.” “I hope that these elections will be an occasion for the party to consolidate, and for this it is necessary to have responsible people and put the interests of the party ahead of some other interests. We do not have much time together to show this kind of courage and responsibility,

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“Picula said, announcing that he would personally make the greatest contribution to the party coming out to the elections as much as possible. He asked whether Davor Bernardic should leave, he replied that” the fate of the president depends on the result of the EP election, and a number of circumstances November Month Calendar 2018 that could influence that decision by then. “” Of course, SDP must overcome internal political obstacles so that the consolidated party can offer certain goals and values ​​to Croatian voters.

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It is also an ambitious plan for the Paris-based climate agreement from 2015, covering the period from 2020 onwards. After numerous controversies, protests by Croatian veterans and pavements in Petrinja on Saturday without any incident, but with the accentuated presence of the police, the Third Festival November 2018 Calendar Cute between the organizers of the festival, the Petrinja subcommittee of the Serbian Cultural Society Prosvjeta and the Coordination of the Petrinja associations arising from the Homeland War, a certain compromise was made,

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and along with the companies from Prosvjeta and one company from Belgrade, two Croatian societies, Kamen Bukovica near Benkovac and HKUD Mošćenica. The participants of the event, in front of the Croatian House, welcomed the big banner, saying: “Who was convicted of crimes in Banovina? Petrinja – Kostajnica – Bacin – Kostriqi – Banska Struga – Glina – Josevica” .

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President of the Defense Coordination Darko Dumbovic explained the dissatisfaction of the defense attorney. “This festival was shared by the Petrinja and Croatian public and, thanks to our associations, it became international and multicultural. Although the singing of the kennel is not a tradition of Petrinja, nor even for the occupation of Petrinja, we demand that the craftsmen sing in that case singing all that kind of heritage songs, , and Serbs and Bosnians. If this festival survives, it should not be a national gathering, because we are witnessing that every national gathering in Petrinja ended badly, “said Dumbovic.

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The festival was opened by the president of SDSS club members’ committee in the Croatian Parliament Boris Milosevic, who noted that it is important that this festival be held, and that it is good that the organizers did not give up on its maintenance. This event is important for the preservation of cultural values, which means that Serbs and everyone else can publicly manifest their culture. As he said, he is connecting Serbs and Croats, as well as other peoples living in this region.

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In the end, Milosevic thanked City Petrinja and Mayor Darinko Dumbovic, who helped the festival to be held.The festival, which began with the intonation of the Croatian anthem alongside Boris Milosevic, was attended by the Consul of the Republic of Serbia in Zagreb, Nenad Mascic, the president of the SKD Prosvjeta Mile Radovic, the mayor of Petrinja Darinko Dumbovic, the parish of Petrinja Sasa Micevic and other guests.

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The sorcerer or the slaughterhouse, predominantly from the Dalmatian hinterland, is performed by singers (male or female) using various techniques of shaking voice with a special way of singing “from the throat”.

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The musical expression of the martyr is immaterially culturally well inscribed on the national list of the non-material cultural heritage of the Republic of Croatia and among the endangered phenomena.The Croatian kittens, the rest of the ancient Illyrian and prailir singing from the area of  November 2018 Calendar Cute Dalmatia (today’s Dalmatia, BiH and Montenegro), which the Croats adopted and preserved, have been on the UN’s list of cultural traditions which require urgent protection since 2010.

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Each song lasts as long as the main vocalist’s breath. It is much older than the ‘gange’ or ‘rera’ (Imotski, Sinj, Herzegovina). This very old singing, in which musicologists watch the oldest forms of polygon is much older than the medieval “diaphony”, from which the classic polyphony later developed.  Blank November 2018 Calendar In the past, this way of singing was also used for daily communication when performing various tasks and for fun, sending messages to boys or girls in a row.

Blank November 2018 Calendar

About two thousand people gathered on Saturday evening in Bihać to protest the escalation of the migrant crisis in the Una- Sana County in Bosnia and Herzegovina, requiring a more determined engagement of state authorities to finally put the issue under control.

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On the central city square, the protesters came with banners with messages like “Bihac is ours,” and one of the organizers, City Councilor Sejo Ramic, was vigorously greeted when he said in the speech that this was not a protest against migrants, but against the authorities who are not doing anything to create conditions for them to stay, and to provide citizens with security.

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“So far we have begged for help, and now we are looking for a quick reaction,” Ramić said. Some speakers agreed to put pressure on the authorities to proclaim a state of emergency, and bus operators and the Federation Railways banned the transportation of migrants to Bihać .According to the County MUP, between 100 and 150 illegal migrants arrive in that part of BiH every day, and the police report a steady increase in the number of incidents related to migrants.

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Since the beginning of the year, more than 10 thousand migrants have arrived in Una-Sanaa, but only those who are registered, and it is assumed that they have actually arrived at least one thousand to two more.No one knows exactly how many of them are currently living in the area. The last assessment is that several thousand migrants are planning to continue their journey towards Croatia, and they are concentrated mainly in the area of ​​Bihać and Velika Kladusa.

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Selam Midzic, secretary of the Red Cross in Bihac, said that they still provide food for about 800 people, on average, in an improvised migrant center in a ruined building of a former Bihac student dormitory where migrants come and go everyday.”We asked the state authorities to join, and this has not happened to this day,” Midzic said. Organizers of the London protest demanding a new vote on Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union claim that about 700,000 protesters gathered at the event , broadcast on Saturday by the British media.

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The March’s People’s Vote Initiative against the British Parliament building was led by young voters, and supporters claim that there were a total of 700,000 protesters, while Scotland Yard claims he failed to estimate that figure, BBC reports.Representatives from major parties supported Blank November 2018 Calendar those demonstrations demanding a repeated referendum on the breXet. Prime Minister Theresa May has already rejected this idea the BBC said.Faraga 1200 supported the Yorkshire counterattack.

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For now, it is in the process of development, but it will be ready for use next season, “he adds. Although there are similar machines in the world, these students note, they are intended for large manufacturers. They specialize, for example, for sorting rice, coffee, and cost 150,000 kuna. The working Blank Calendar November 2018 version of the Genus machine team was, according to a rough calculus, about 1500 kuna.

Blank Calendar November 2018

And to agree it, they used almost everything else that they had already written off. We had something at home, something was given by my uncle, some neighbors. This funnel through which the beans play, for example, comes from the garden bin, the movable tape is from an old machine that has finished in the garbage, and the protective mesh is made of modem. We are dealing with what we have

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‘, through the laughter of the Jew. When they saw how serious the children took their business seriously, the parents did not remain indifferent, Martina Franjo and Ivan Jidov admit. They help their suggestions to improve the functioning of the machine, but they are, added, pushed and financially completed. The first interested inquiries by the manufacturer have not been awaited for a long time. They have already arrived for two. “I have been speaking with two peas producers who liked it and were interested. I even had a query about sorting services,

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or how much would I charge a service to sort the beans for someone else, “Ivan Zhidov reveals. According to their calculations, the machine would be profitable for small and medium-sized producers, and the market price would range between 25 and 30 thousand kuna. In Croatia, 1554 family farms are engaged in breeding peas, and a total of 9492 could use their machine with modifications for similar cultures, have come up with data. “We can not pinpoint this precisely because everything is still under construction, but that would be some kind of framework price

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Small and medium-sized producers for whom the machine was intended could be paid for four years, “underlines Martina Franjo calculus. Tim Genus with its peas sorter prepares for several more competitions and fairs from which they received invitations. The lawyers’ reporting in all German bishops opposes unknown perpetrators due to 3,600 unprocessed cases of sexual abuse in a Catholic church, Spiegel Online reported on Saturday, “There is a right of church to free its institution from criminal prosecution,” states a

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criminal report submitted by a group of lawyers to the competent state attorneys at of all 27 dioceses. The lawmakers are referring to a recently conducted scientific study for the German Catholic Church, which shows that 3646 juveniles were abused between 1946 and 2014 and were perpetrators of the Catholic Church. The majority of these cases have never been prosecuted.

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“The study provided enough material for criminal prosecution and that’s why the authorities are obliged to carry out searches and confiscate the criminal-relevant church records,” explained one of the applicants, lawyer Holm Putzke of Passau. After the publication of the expert evaluation, the Blank Calendar November 2018 president Reinhard Marx, the German bishop’s conference, apologized to the victims and announced reforms within the church to prevent the recurrence of crimes in the future.