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Partners on the project are elementary schools “Ivan Goran Kovačić” from Štitar, “Mijat Stojanović” from Babina Greda and Local Development Agency Squirrels. The goal of the project is to increase the capacity of schools to implement activities within the school curriculum aimed November 2018 Calendar Word at the development of reading, natural science, multicultural and financial literacy.

November 2018 Calendar Word

There are 29 workshops for students, 13 workshops for 52 educational staff, creation of four extra-curricular curricula, four field studies, two study tours and the purchase of information and laboratory equipment and library materials. Teachers’ competencies are increased for new approaches to teaching by acquiring new skills and knowledge they impart to students.

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These days, valuable equipment, books and tools for quality implementation of extracurricular activities within the project arrived at the school. The IT equipment purchased is valuable 50,000 kuna. Research work will be carried out with new microscopes, measuring instruments, probe, scale, scalpels and other devices and equipment, the total value of which is 28,000 kuna.

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The school library is richer for numerous new books, worth 34,500 kuna. There is also a school workshop in which the recycling of waste materials, and the production of composters and garden elements will be done. For 23,000 kunas, table and hand circular saw, grinder, working table with panel, garden lawnmower, trimmer, cutting scissors and garden tools are purchased.

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A material of 7,000 kunas was purchased. Students of the Eko plus Club have been doing a valuable workshop this week for the workshop “Recycling of waste materials – composting” for the improvement of natural science literacy and thus began a workshop cycle for students. The youngest city in Croatia, the city of Otok, intensively prepares the project “difficult” about three million euros, which will benefit not only the inhabitants of the island, but also the places in the near and somewhat distant surrounding, which is about 20,000 people.

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The project is a shopping center which would also be an open and closed market, which, according to Isakov’s mayor Josip Šarić, is a big and important project with contents that are at the moment lacking at the moment. “The project is in the design phase of the conceptual design, as well as the preparation of the site in near the center of the city – said Mayor Šarić, adding that the future shopping center will be built on a land of 8500 square meters, which is currently owned by the local church.

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– The position is very good and it will be the trade center of this part of Vukovar-Srijem County, “says Saric, and explains how this will be where he will be able to sell his products on the market, for example, OPGs, or but to buy in the Island what I can not do today, and the citizens of the island November 2018 Calendar Word and neighboring Privlaka and Komletinaca, as well as Slakovaca, Jankovci or Germans, as well as the inhabitants of Cvelferija, who now use the recently completed and last section of the Šokac highway, the one on the island Otok – Slakovci .

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This Baranja Nature Park, namely, is almost dependent on the high water level (in particular) of the Danube and the Drava, and it is the most beautiful when the unfrequent spaces are flooded. But it’s also interesting during the drought since it can never actually dry up. Low water levels, or more November 2018 Calendar PDF precisely, dry areas in the Kopacki rit, some species of flora and fauna are appropriate, and some do not, but it can not be said that, given the water level and (not) flooding of the rite, the situation is critical or spectacular.

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– For the flood area, it is good to keep water levels high, especially for wetlands, aquatic vegetation and amphibians. But the “lack of” the flood, globally, did not have much influence on the flora and fauna of the Kopački rit. It is only about one extreme year, as it was already – explains Vlatko Rozac, an expert associate at JUPP Kopački rit, emphasizing that even for the biodiversity,

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the change of dry and wet period is important. It continues that the current situation corresponds to many types of mammals whose habitat is the Kopački rit field. The high and low game, he adds, are not the only representatives of fauna that lack water surfaces.

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– This year, for example, a large number of locusts have been spotted in Kopacki Rit, which are suitable for dry surfaces. They are a very important part of the food chain and indicators of a good state of nature – says Rozac, pointing out that there is therefore enough food for living organisms.

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Fish do not really enjoy the occasion of low water levels. Kopački’s ass, as it is well known, is one of the largest fish farms in this part of Europe, and the fish younger from the local waters to a great extent “saves” the Danube. But because of the low water level, a part of the younger must have remained in one of the largest European swamps, but the fish are not threatened by sea.

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This year’s drought did not affect the number of visitors. In spite of the extreme year, JUPP registered more arrivals than last year.In the first eight months of this year, we visited just over 28,000 visitors, almost three thousand more than the same period last year – says Ružica Marušić, head of the Department for Promotion and Implementation of JUPP projects,

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adding that the low water level influenced only the number of foreign visitors, which is about 1000 less than last year. The problem, he explains, is the small arrival of river cruisers, whose passengers are often the landing destination exactly Kopački rit. Visitors are most interested in standard programs and boat rides, they are also interested in riding boats or canoes, which they can afford in the JUPP, despite the drought. The Županja Institute of Trades and Industries November 2018 Calendar PDF conducts the project “PIN: Literacy of the initiative for progress”, which approved 726,252.60 non-refundable kuna through the European Social Fund within the framework of the call “Improving literacy – the basis of lifelong learning”.