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December 2018 Calendar Templates Word Excel

If we talk about revenue, Spain is next to France, the country where the social contributions paid by employers represent a greater weight, while in the rest of the large December 2018 Calendar Templates European economies is clearly below. Exceeding the maximum contribution bases would affect one million workers, those who pay for the highest salaries to Social Security.

December 2018 Calendar Templates


Employers’ calculations suggest that Spanish companies should pay up to 1,761 million euros more per year if the maximum contribution bases rose by 12%. The worker would be re-scheduled 342.33 million more. The joint effort of companies and workers in this case amounted to 2,103.29 million. In the case of an increase of 10% of the maximum base, the annual cost overruns for companies would be 1,467 euros and 285.28 euros for the worker .

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The joint effort to raise taxes in this case would be 1,752.74 million. Now we just have to wait for the Government to clarify and announce what will finally be the increase in labor costs at the highest salaries. Yesterday, the spokesperson, Isabel Celaá, assured that the increase is not decided and that it will have to be the Toledo Pact and the social partners in the social dialogue who decides. It is still pending to make this increase and also what it intends to recharge the autonomous by the minimum bases,

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taking into account that last Tuesday advanced them increases of up to 12%, which has not sat well with its reference partner, Podemos. Pablo Iglesias was confident that the Government would rectify because “it is not what was agreed”. He recalled that what was agreed was that they would not raise “not one euro”. Every day, thousands of locals and locals turn to the services of the Taxi or Tourist Vehicles with Driver (VTC) on their journeys,

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which can mean a difference of considerable price depending on both the option and the time chosen. According to a study carried out by the «Chipi» application, which compares in real time the availability, prices and waiting times of all mobility options, the rush hour in Madrid falls between nine and ten in the morning, just two more hours afternoon of the most economical strip,

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which takes place between seven and eight o’clock in the tomorrow, the tariff difference between both being € 2.34 on average. In Barcelona, ​​the main rush hour does not arrive until 18:00 in the afternoon, registering two other peaks slightly less accentuated at nine in the morning and at 1:00 p.m. . With these data put in perspective has been appreciated a tariff difference of € 3.26 on average between the most expensive and the cheapest.

December 2018 Calendar Templates Word Excel December 2018 Calendar Templates Word

A study in which the experts of this app have analyzed 28 of the most common routes in both cities , towards the most representative and emblematic destinations and taking as reference the average December 2018 Calendar Templates amount of 7,500 trips: Executives can obtain considerable savings depending on the service chosen. Many users access the center daily from different points of entry to the city such as train stations and buses or airports.

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