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December Calendar 2018 Printable PDF

The law did not solve the crucial problem of all tenants, and that’s who pays the reserve, Vidovic added. “He did not solve this, but he decided to throw the pensioners out on the street,” Vidovic said.SDP’s Arsen Bauk spoke about the possible December Calendar 2018 Printable lawsuit of KBC Split against Mostova’s Ivana Nincevic Lesandric, recalling that a lawyer can not be prosecuted because of the word spoken in the Parliament.


December Calendar 2018 Printable

‘Protect lawmakers from the mobbing of state institutions because of the words spoken in the Parliament. Warn the state institution to work against the Constitution, “Bauk, Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandroković, asked. Namely, KBC Split is allegedly considering the lawsuit after Ninčević Lesandric in his parliamentary session presented his history of the curette procedure in that hospital.Hrastov Hrvoje Zekanović spoke about migrants.

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“We ignore the fact that Hungary lifted the wire, and that was done by Slovenia and did not do it in vain. Croatia is the last line of defense and a guard who defends the EU from migrants who are illegally trying to enter the Union. Migrants are trying to colonize the space of the EU, “Zekanovic said.


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The SDSS’s Milorad Pupovac also asked for a free speech. “Forests are one of Croatia’s greatest assets,” said Pupovac. “There is a widespread and non-sanctioned forest raid,” he added. About 300 thousand cubes of logs are illegally sown in Croatia. There is a plunder of national wealth, Pupovac warned. He claimed that nobody cares about it because many people think that these are Serbian forests, that is, those forests are in the area with the Serbian population.Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan opens a ceremonial launch Monday in Istanbul of a new airport designed to become “the largest in the world ‘,

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which is yet another infrastructure mega project to change Turkey since it came to power, Erdogan will cut the tape of the new airport at a ceremony scheduled for 14 hours and will be attended by numerous foreign leaders. The new airport will replace the international airport Ataturk, insufficient for current needs,

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will have a capacity of 90 million passengers per year, which will be ranked as one of the world’s most important airports in terms of passenger acceptance, according to the ACI airport rating agency. Last year, the most frequent airport in the world was it is in US Atlanta with 103.9 million passengers a year, then Beijing with 95 , 7 million, Dubai 88.2 million, Tokyo 85.4 million and Los Angeles 84.5 million, announced the ACI.

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President Erdogan followed closely the construction of an airport on the European coast of Istanbul, close to the Black Sea, marked by delays and strike workers which demanded improvement of working conditions. The project reflects the Turkish president’s desire to make a world intersection between the three continents – Europe, Asia and Africa from the former capital December Calendar 2018 Printable of the Ottoman Empire. Erdogan is scheduled to announce on Monday the name of the new airport. Numerous observers expect the Turkish president, nostalgic towards the Ottoman Empire, to call a sultan.

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