How to use Grammarly for Free

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“Will it be ‘why’, ‘why’, ‘why’ or ‘why’?”, “Will this be a cow or a roof rack?”, “Will we go ‘home’ or ‘hunt’?” Undoubtedly, Spanish is a complex language, and many people, even if it is their mother tongue, do not completely master their writing rules. So you can clear all your doubts, then we share 7 spelling manuals that you can download for free:

How to use Grammarly for Free

How to use Grammarly for Free

1. Manual of spelling of the Spanish Royal Academy

A classic to solve all your doubts, from the use of commas to how words that sound the same but do not mean the same are written. Download it here.

2. Spelling of the score in compulsory secondary education, by Lola Molina

It is a manual focused on the spelling that every secondary school student should handle, with special emphasis on the correct use of punctuation marks. If you have ever doubted how to place the commas or quotes, this manual is for you! Download it here.

3. Free Spanish spelling course

Although it is not a downloadable manual, this online and free course consists of different documents, each with an important teaching on the orthographic rules of our language. You can access the manual in this link.

4. Basic spelling and writing workshop, by Cecilia Culebra y Vives

It is a rich and complete manual about the main orthographic and grammatical rules. Enter here to download it.

5. Grammar and spelling, Let’s write !, of the National Institute for Adult Education (Mexico)

Ideal for those who wish to exercise their use of the language, this manual contains multiple exercises for you to put into practice the rules learned. Get it for free here.

6. Rules of spelling and grammar, of the Junta de AndalucĂ­a

It is a compilation of the main writing rules, applied above all to those who work in an office and use written communication in the workplace. You can download it in this link.

7. New grammar of the Spanish language, from the Royal Spanish Academy

This treatise on grammar meets the rules and regulations of all Spanish-speaking countries. Download the book here.

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