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But quite a few prefer the mobility budget – and the trend is rising. The reason: they are more flexible mobile and do not have to commit themselves to the use of a company car. Each employee has 100 euros per month, which he can spend on his mobility. The fact that January 2019 Calendar South Africa the budget is relatively low – especially for the traditionally travel-intensive consulting industry – is explained by CEO Shower with the fact that this concept is still in the experimental phase.

January 2019 Calendar South Africa

But even today, if an employee does not fully cover his or her monthly budget, the employer converts the remaining amount into the new salary at the end of the year ebote on the marketNot always a mobility concept replaces the company car. Some companies offer both as complementary. Then the employee chooses a smaller, cheaper car model than he would actually be entitled to and uses the remaining amount as a flexible budget.

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This is made possible thanks to a type of credit card developed by the mobility consultancy Ecolibro from Troisdorf near Bonn, which specializes in alternative vehicle concepts. The “Mobileety Card” can be used by the employee for train travel, air travel or non-mobility consumer spending. “For employees, it may also be worthwhile for tax purposes to dispense with company cars or to choose a smaller car,” says Volker Gillessen, Ecolibro co-CEO.

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This is because spending over the card is regarded as a consideration in kind and is thus subject to flat-rate taxation of 30 percent – which is significantly cheaper for employees in higher salary classes than the individual income tax rate. The Hamburg fleet service provider Belmoto offers a similar concept, but stresses less the tax incentives, but looks at the big picture.

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“The card gives an incentive to deal with mobility efficiently, that’s the message,” says CEO Philip Kneissler.Flexibel zusammenstellbarGründe, alternatives to the company car to look for, there is plenty: In addition to the image loss hovers the Damocles sword of driving bans on the much-loved service diesel , Although most company cars are less than two years old, they are not yet covered by the driving restrictions.

January 2019 Calendar South Africa Word PDF January 2019 Calendar South Africa Word


However, that could change quickly, because the discussion about it has just begun. In addition, the introduction of mobility budgets opens up the possibility for medium-sized companies in particular to treat employees more equitably. “A company car is too expensive for most employees, measured by their salary,” says Gillessen. “Companies therefore spend a lot of money on an incentive that only a few benefit from.”

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The mobility budget, on the other hand, can be used at a lower salary with a correspondingly smaller volume. In principle, more employees January 2019 Calendar South Africa will benefit from such a bonus. An equality that should have a positive effect on the working climate. How high the individual mobility budget turns out depends on the individual case. The car rental company Sixt, for example, calculates on its website with budgets between 250 and 750 euros.

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