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November 2018 Calendar Singapore PDF Excel

Therefore, there was a need to define programs that will coordinate the efforts of individual academic and industrial laboratories in this area. A few years ago, the American National Academy of Sciences issued a strategic document identifying glycans as one of the elements November 2018 Calendar Singapore necessary for understanding and successful treatment of the disease.

November 2018 Calendar Singapore

With the same goal, the Human Glycosylation Project has been launched which brings together hundreds of scientists from leading institutions around the world to work together to solve this great scientific and medical challenge. Genos will lead one of the five core priorities of the project entitled “Interindividual variability of glycols of body fluids”.

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The press conference was attended by prof. dr. sc. Gordan Lauc, who presented the importance of the project and the role of Genos, prof. dr. sc. Dragan Primorac, who pointed out the cooperation between Genos and the hospital of Sveta Katarina, and the secretary of the Ministry of Science and Education, dr. sc. Tome Antičić, who emphasized the importance of innovation for the development of Croatia. Project Judge genome should provide a better understanding of interindividual differences and contribute to the development of personalized medicine.

November 2018 Calendar Singapore PDF Excel November 2018 Calendar Singapore PDF Blank


However, it has been shown that knowledge of the human genome does not allow the understanding of glycosis, which, apart from the genes, is also determined by the individual’s environment and lifestyle. The Croatian Association for Training Dog Training and Mobility began on Friday a crowdfunding campaign titled “The Dog’s Rescue” training a dog helper who is in a needy family like “superhero”.


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Orban assures the West that it has no intention of restoring Greater Hungary and joining neighboring territories in Slovakia, Serbia, Ukraine and Romania.No leading policy against multiculturalism in its own country and aggressive actions to protect the rights of the Hungarian minority, Orban has seriously worried many not only in Ukraine but also other EU and NATO members, especially Slovakia and Romania, which, as well as Brussels, are increasingly tired of Orban’s antagonistic and contradictory access.

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Minis Justice Tariff Dražen Bošnjaković said on Saturday that the proposed increase in the basis for the calculation of judges’ salaries is trying to return to the judges what the name was taken during the economic stagnation. “The last five or six years we mostly had a reduction, the base decreased at least three percent, then six percent. Now the proposal for the base for the judiciary goes up by 6 percent, since the public sector base has grown, “BoŠnjaković asked for a proposal for a linear increase of six per cent for the calculation of the salary of all judicial officials from the beginning of the next year.


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It is about the proposal to assess the effects of the Law on Salaries of Judges and other judicial officials, who has been in public consultation since last week. It also envisages an increase in judges ‘salaries in municipal courts that should be equated with judges of trade and administrative courts. In the November 2018 Calendar Singapore reasoning of this proposal, the Ministry of Justice states that by a special decision of the Government, the judges’ base was reduced by three percent in 2013, and a year later by law amendments for an additional six percent.

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