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December 2018 Calendar US

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The exact time quota as well as the possible means of transport and the exact budget can be configured according to the requirements and the possibilities of a company. Also when using the mobility maps of Belmoto or December 2018 Calendar US Ecolibro companies can individually determine which modes of transport the employees can use within the mobility budget.

December 2018 Calendar US

“Many drivers are grateful if they do not have to travel all the distances by car,” Kneissler has observed. Whether the departure of the company car also pays off economically depends, among other things, on the work of the employees: field workers or sales people who On the way to the customer every day have to cover long distances, get away with a private company car usually cheaper. Practicality is also important:

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If you are traveling with just a laptop or a small sample case, you can cover many routes by train – “and you can still work during the journey,” explains Kneissler. However, if you drive to the customer with tools or sample parts, you need a car – whether as a rental car or in the context of car sharing. Small-sized providers offer only a few employer mobility budgets for employees. Especially in the middle class, the offer looks to date mau.

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Just 2 percent of companies with less than 10 employees offer their employees such a budget, as the current fleet barometer of the fleet service provider Arval shows. For companies with up to 100 employees, it is still 5 percent. Compared to other European countries, German companies lag behind significantly. On average, almost every seventh small medium-sized company with up to 100 employees across Europe offers such mobility budgets.

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However, experts are not surprised by the low prevalence of this concept in Germany: “The company car is a sacred cow in Germany. For many employees, the diesel with the greatest possible engine power is still the measure of all things, “says Ecolibro boss Gillessen. As a result, employers are struggling to shake up their car ownership – especially as they also call for a clinch with their executives.

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However, in the private sector, there has already been a departure from vehicle fixation Bachten: While the car in rural areas is still unimaginable and is considered a guarantee for quality of life and flexibility, it is losing more and more popularity with city dwellers. Only 29 percent of people living in an urban environment perceive cars as a status symbol at all, according to a study by the consulting firm Bain – with a downward trend.


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This could accelerate the rethinking of company car policy in the coming years. Introduce new incentives Employers are increasingly open to alternative mobility concepts: According to the Arval vehicle barometer, at least 10 percent of SMEs with up to 100 employees can imagine themselves in the coming years Years to introduce an individual mobility budget for each employee. “For one to two years, we have noticed a growing interest in companies on alternatives to the classic, diesel-powered December 2018 Calendar US company car and are expanding the range of mobility options for our customers accordingly,” says Arval manager Christian Schüßler.