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November 2018 Calendar Kalnirnay

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November 2018 Calendar Kalnirnay Free Printable

on referendum initiatives, recalls the Swiss practice, that first the Constitutional Court assesses whether a question is in accordance with the Constitution or not, which is the first step to be taken. “Then build such a system that will allow it to determine whether a person is relevant November 2018 Calendar Kalnirnay to it at all, thereby eliminating the idiosyncrasies that exist now, with an appropriate

November 2018 Calendar Kalnirnay

deadline that would correspond to the procedure for determining the number of supporters of a referendum,” Rimac emphasizes. Regarding the extension of the list of criminal offenses that would prevent perpetrators from participating in the elections, Rimac believes that perhaps active indictments should also bear in mind, and not just proven criminal offenses.

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“So there are no misdemeanor procedures, but criminal prosecution could ex officio be taken into account because there is incrimination and suspicion. Until this is resolved, such persons should not be considered as potential representatives of a group of citizens,” Rimac believes. Government ministers of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina from


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the HDZ BiH state continue to act in it as well as to the establishment of a new executive power so far, the vice-president of the entity government and finance minister Jelka Milicevic said on Friday after a regular session in Sarajevo denying such speculation The HDZ decided to block the functioning of the government in order to change the electoral law

November 2018 Calendar Kalnirnay PDF Blank November 2018 Calendar Kalnirnay Free Printable


. “The executive should continue to do what can be done without parliament, that is the approach of members of the HDZ government,” Milicevic told reporters who asked her for an explanation of the position of the party after the HDZ ministers did not appear twice consecutively at scheduled sessions of the Council of Ministers of BiH. After the October 7 elections, the state and entity executive authorities operate in a technical mandate to establish new governments, which is a process that usually lasts months in BiH,

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and in the case of the Federation of BiH, it is difficult to expect that the new entity’s government will be established before March 2019 .Ministrica Milicevic, as well as federal Prime Minister Fadil Novalic confirmed that the central topic of the session was held on Friday, however, was the situation in Mostar’s “Aluminij”, which faces a collapse because it is unable to settle the accumulated debt for electricity. As the Minister of Industry explained Nermin Džindić, two possible scenarios. One would be a continuation of regular production

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at favorable prices of electricity, and the second is a break in production. The research project for gemicon Genos was presented on Friday by Human Glycoside Project, an international project led by Croatian scientists. Thanks to the leading role of researcher Genos in the field of gymics,


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the official launch of the project was organized in Croatia, and prof. Gordan Lauc was chosen as one of the two project directors. The meeting, officially launched by the Human Glycemic Project, has brought together more than a hundred leading researchers November 2018 Calendar Kalnirnay from around the world. Determining the variability of individuals’ glycine in health and disease has become a real goal.