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November 2018 Calendar To Print

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What is particularly worrying in this case and in general in everything that is happening in Croatia lately is to find out about such structural problems at the last moment, when it is almost time-consuming to do anything and take any measures that would lead to a long-term stabilization November 2018 Calendar To Print of restructuring and shipbuilding or other companies for which we do not have business data until the end time,

November 2018 Calendar To Print

“said President Grabar Kitarović adding that” she does not know why this is so, and how it must change in Croatia as soon as possible. “Since 1992, in shipbuilding, invested about 30 billion kunas of incentives that obviously went wrong, she said. “We must think carefully about this and put the man in the center of everything, that is, the workers who work in Uljanik and think about the restructuring of shipbuilding in order to determine how much we have that sector is important to keep it or that this quality workforce we have focus on some


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other products that have their own d “said Grabar Kitarović, adding that obviously Croatian shipbuilding, as it stands, is not competitive in relation to world shipbuilding.” According to what I have heard so far, I had the hope that we would succeed in successfully restructuring it especially because I only Uljanik’s leadership highlighted the main problems that have exactly the disadvantage the labor force and the fact that the state did not follow them sufficiently or HBOR incentives did not follow their production, “the president said, adding that she personally witnessed many deals.

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Catalonia’s independence advocates celebrated the first anniversary of the secession of Spain on Saturday, and although autonomy did not resume, they will announce that they will continue with the protests and voting until that goal”Retreat back is not an option,” said Catalonian Prime Minister Quim Torre in a speech to the media in Barcelona.He called for the release of former Catalan leaders detained on charges of revolt against Spain. They should be tried at the beginning of the next year.

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“If they are convicted, we will be decisive as we were on October 1, and strong and solid as October 3,” Torra told.At the beginning of October 2017, the Catalan government organized a referendum on independence, despite the ban of the Spanish Constitutional Court, and October 3 was followed by a massive protest and a general strike in response to police intervention at the polls.Most of those who voted in the referendum for the establishment of the independent Republic of Catalonia, but the proponents of the rest in Spain boycotted the vote.

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On the basis of the results of the referendum, a vote was held in the regional parliament in Barcelona on 27 October 2017 and declared independence. Although in some places citizens began to download Spanish flags from institutions,

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independence in reality did not come to life. The Spanish government has reached the constitution and has taken direct control over Catalonia, a province on the Mediterranean coast where 7.5 million people live. The relocated President of the Catalan government, Carles Puigdemont, is in Waterloo, November 2018 Calendar To Print next to Brussels, from where he leads an international campaign in favor of independence, while 18 former leaders, including Deputy Prime Minister Oriol Junqueras, are facing possible multiple-year prison sentences