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January 2019 Calendar Spanish Blank

The specialist in algorithms, Nick Collins, does not see it that way. Rather, he points out that there are “enough different programmers on different projects” to develop this diverse work environment. But will artists eventually become redundant? Pascal Pilon, CEO of startup January 2019 Calendar Spanish company Landr, which uses big data and automatic learning machines for final music production, does not think that will happen.

January 2019 Calendar Spanish


“Music is also storytelling, and we value the personality of an artist, and I do not think people want to listen to music produced exclusively by a computer.” Does Artificial Intelligence Change the Future of Music? With the latest software and programs that use Artificial Intelligence, musicians could also compose computers. Will original artists become superfluous in the future? Answers from music experts.

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Band Powerhouse Live (picture alliance / dpa / M Tudor / RMV / RMV via ZUMA Press) In August of this year, YouTube star Taryn Southern celebrated the commercial launch of her debut album “I AM AI”, which she released with the help of computer software for Artificial Intelligence (AI, AI for “Artificial Intelligence”) has produced. She used a program called “Amper,” open-source software for composers and music producers.

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In a creative process that processes the information fed into the computer-the length of the tune, the tempo, and the key-Southern blends itself into the world of music software to produce and produce the composition. Then she arranges different parts of the piece again, to finally create the finished structured song. Their debut was therefore celebrated as “the first album to be produced entirely with Artificial Intelligence.”

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Revolutionary Technology As exciting as it may sound, some composing experts with algorithms are anything but impressed. “People have been experimenting with computer-generated music before, basically since the ‘push button’ came out – and that was already in 1956,” says Dr. Nick Collins, author of a number of books on this innovative genre of music. He co-founded “Chorch Punch,” an independent label that publishes algorithm-based music. “I AM AI” is thus “not the first AI album,” the music expert points out.

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Brian Eno Giga Hertz Prize (picture-alliance / dpa / Deck) Brian Eno: One of the first to have the computer co-composedThe sound artist and musician Brian Eno, who created the term “computer-generated music”, has been working since the 1990s with algorithms and artificial intelligence technology. And very successful. But although Eno has already composed and produced a number of albums using these AI programs and a special application (scape) for this “ambient music”: the technology behind the open source software “Amper” is a different one.

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Part of this new wave of AI music compositions and productions on the market are startups such as “Jukedeck”, “Groov.Al” and “Humtap”. “Amper” is an on-demand program that provides inexpensive royalty free songs for everyone – from producers of music video clips to advertisers for January 2019 Calendar Spanish online marketing. Care for creative exploitation Like many technological revolutions, artificial intelligence is also afraid of troublesome technical innovations, from repetition and piracy within each industry that comes into contact with it.

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“Amper” is an on-demand program that provides inexpensive royalty free songs for everyone – from producers of music video clips to advertisers for online marketing. Care for creative exploitation Like many technological revolutions, artificial intelligence is also afraid of troublesome technical January 2019 Calendar To Print innovations, from repetition and piracy within each industry that comes into contact with it.

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For independent composers and music producers working with their original music, it seems that an app can reproduce their work as artists and musicians for less money and in much less time. Mixing console (picture-alliance / dpa / S. Hoppe) In the future, computers with Artificial Intelligence could also compose. John Groves, CEO of “Groves Sound Communications” and an international heavyweight in application-oriented music for advertising, is not worried about AI applications “This will creep into the music industry like all other computer technology innovations,” he says. January 2019 Calendar To Print Free January 2019 Calendar To Print PDF Excel


“But we’re coping well with that when we realize that the creative possibilities that are emerging outweigh the negative effects.” Book author Collins recalls the widespread fear of new technologies in the music industry: “I feel like this Protests of the music and composer union in the 1980s, which protested against the use of MIDI instruments (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), “he notes

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. “But look at all the creative possibilities that are musically grown from this technology.” Shadow Tactics Blades of the ShogunComputer Game Shadow TacticsShadow Tactics (Mimimi Productions) Powerful music: “Shadow Tactics Blades of the Shogun” computer game Valerio Velardo, CEO of “Melodrive”, A startup company pioneering computer game music even claims that we are virtually on the eve of the next wave of democratization within the creative industry.

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“Nowadays, almost everyone has a first-class digital camera in their smartphone, but that does not mean that the top professional photographers have disappeared,” he says. “It’s the same with Artificial Intelligence (AI), and I doubt that the composer’s role will be harmed by this new technology.” “Music has inherent problems,” says musicologist Steven Jan of Huddersfield University in the DW. Interview.

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“It’s one of the cognitively, mechanically, and emotionally most demanding activities of humanity that makes it extremely difficult for a computer to reproduce.” Highly creative computers “We’re still in the explorative creativity stage,” says Velardo of “Melodrive.” He points out that AI systems are capable of learning and able to function within the confines of a conceptual space. This could ultimately imitate any style of music. But transformable creativity or the ability to create new musical styles technically without conceptual boundaries

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, that is obviously still far off, says Velardo and calls this the “holy grail of computer creativity”. Musikband Kraftwerk live (picture-alliance / dpa / RMV via ZUMA Press / Mike Tudor) Have now achieved cult status: The German band “Kraftwerk”, here 2017 at a concertWhat effect will the further development January 2019 Calendar To Print of AI have on the music industry? The CEO of the company “Amper”, with whom YouTube star Taryn Southern also composes, recommends “raising the bar” in order to continue developing creative visions. But that will be more lead prefabricated music?

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That’s why donors have asked for a refund of money they have invested so far, “Norwegian Ambassador Astrid Versto told Croatia’s RTL. The project started during Mayor Zeljko Saba.” I think that the historical opportunity has been missed to bring children into a healthy relationship and a healthy January 2019 Calendar Editable future for the city of Vukovar. This was not realized during my mandate because the HDZ and the SDSS rejected this possibility, “said Zeljko Sabo (SDP), former Mayor of Vukovar.

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Nowadays, only a small part of the school that costs 390,000 euros has been built, and where it should have been a large school, nothing has moved yet. Thus, the school does not pass even the minimum technical requirements, and when it comes to the curriculum of such a school, it is not the will of the Serbian community. “The basic problem from the aspect of the Serbian community when it comes to the new school and why it is not accepted is that it would jeopardize the existing model of education.

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She did not foresee the basic thing, which is education in the language and script of the Serbian community, “explains Srđan Milaković, deputy mayor of the Serbian community. The slopes are also slippery in most of the country. Low visibility due to fog locations in Lika and central Croatia and on motorway sections: A1 between Bosiljevo and Mala Kapela Tunnel, A4 Goričan-Zagreb between Breznica Huma and Zagreb, A11 on the Jakusevec-Lekenik section of the Vazare section, we warn you to adjust the speed and way of driving on the road conditions


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, they say from HAK.a on the Zagreb bypass before the node of Ivanja Reka from the direction of Goričan column is about 500 meters, due to works and two-way traffic on the Sava bridge. Most need to drive by motorway A6 Rijeka-Zagreb, due to easier traffic accidents before the gate node and through the tunnel Pod Vugleš in the direction of Rijeka.In the state road The DC24 in Budinščina is driven by a single belt,

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due to the landing of the freight vehicle. It is winter time calculations, and motorists are reminded that daily or short-light lights have to be on daytime or short-light vehicles on a motor vehicle. Direct, one-off road or temporary traffic regulation Dr Boris Vujčić, Professor at the Faculty of Law Mladen Vedriš, economic consultant Željko Perić and the author of the Bureau’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy,

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who left office in the wake of the Agrokor affair, today presents a book on the theme of a shaky concert At the premiere of ‘Agrokor: The Breakthrough of Oral Capitalism’ Speech will be Governor of the CNB Boris Vujčić, professor at the Law Faculty Mladen Vedriš, economic consultant Željko Perić and author himself.Indonesija airplane

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of Lion Air company with 188 passengers and crew members crashed on Monday in the sea and sank shortly after departing from Jakarta , and it is not yet known whether they have survived, officials said. The Indian Rescue Services confirmed the accident, adding that the plane lost contact January 2019 Calendar Editable with ground troops 13 minutes after taking off.

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The inauguration on Monday coincides with the 95th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey. The construction was delayed and the new airport will be fully operational only on December 29th. By that date, five flights will operate daily, while the Ataturk airport will remain open. Newly-elected Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro promised on Sunday to Brazilians that his government will protect the constitution,the so-called “Car wash”, launched in 2014, January 2019 Calendar Kalnirnay led to the persecution of a large number prominent businessmen and politicians, including former President Luiz Inacia Lulu da Silva and former President Dilma Rousseff, both from the ranks of PT.

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democracy and freedom in a televised speech shortly after declaring his victory in the presidential election. “It is neither a promise of one party nor the empty words of one man, it’s an oath before God, “Bolsonaro said. He wanted to respond to his opponents who believe that the right-wing man will try to hold his hand, after he openly expressed admiration for the

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Brazilian brutal military junta that lasted from 1964 to 1985. Many Brazilians fear Bolsonaro, as president, could limit human rights, civil liberties and freedom of speech. Bolsonaro promised in a victorious speech that he would ‘change the fate of Brazil forever’. Sitting with his wife, he said that he would rule in accordance with the Bible and the Constitution.

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Official results say that the politician got 55.13 percent of the vote and his leftist opponent Fernando Haddad 44.87 percent. Bolsonaro, a former military officer, will take office in January in highly polarized Brazil after a tense and harsh campaign. Bolsonarov’s defeated opponent Haddad has demanded that the voices of 45 million Brazilians be respected.

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“This large part of the Brazilian population needs to be honored.” “Now it’s about civil, political, labor and social rights,” he said. “We have the responsibility to represent the opposition that puts the interests of the nation above everything.” Haddad did not congratulate Bolson on his speech in front of his supporters in Sao Paolo, and on Friday promised to fight “to the end to prevent fascism” in Brazil.

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At the polls, he pointed out that “they are at risk of democracy and personal rights.” The current president of Costa Rica and the head of the United States election observation organization, Laura Chinchilla, said the vote was calm and orderly throughout the country. Bolson’s rapid growth in popularity helped drop the leftist The Workers’ Party (PT) that ruled Brazil 13 of the last 15 years and which was ousted two years ago during a time of severe recession and one of the world’s largest corruption scandals.

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The stark corruption scandals and the economic crisis hit the rise of Bolsonar, which they call ‘Brazilian Donald Trump’. Brazil did not have a stronger far-right movement since the end of the rule of the military junta in 1985. “We are with Bolson. People said their own. For the first time I feel that someone really is representing me, “said businessman Andre Luiz Lobo (38).The selections are taking place after the worst recession in Brazil’s history, which reduced January 2019 Calendar Kalnirnay the economy from 2015 to 2016 by seven percent, while Lula’s recall colleague and successor Dilma Rousseff for hiding the true size of the fiscal deficit pushed the country into an institutional crisis.

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The law did not solve the crucial problem of all tenants, and that’s who pays the reserve, Vidovic added. “He did not solve this, but he decided to throw the pensioners out on the street,” Vidovic said.SDP’s Arsen Bauk spoke about the possible lawsuit of KBC Split against January 2019 Calendar Marathi Mostova’s Ivana Nincevic Lesandric, recalling that a lawyer can not be prosecuted because of the word spoken in the Parliament.

January 2019 Calendar Marathi

‘Protect lawmakers from the mobbing of state institutions because of the words spoken in the Parliament. Warn the state institution to work against the Constitution, “Bauk, Parliament Speaker Gordan Jandroković, asked. Namely, KBC Split is allegedly considering the lawsuit after Ninčević Lesandric in his parliamentary session presented his history of the curette procedure in that hospital.

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Hrastov Hrvoje Zekanović spoke about migrants. “We ignore the fact that Hungary lifted the wire, and that was done by Slovenia and did not do it in vain. Croatia is the last line of defense and a guard who defends the EU from migrants who are illegally trying to enter the Union. Migrants are trying to colonize the space of the EU, “Zekanovic said. The SDSS’s Milorad Pupovac also asked for a free speech.

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“Forests are one of Croatia’s greatest assets,” said Pupovac. “There is a widespread and non-sanctioned forest raid,” he added. About 300 thousand cubes of logs are illegally sown in Croatia. There is a plunder of national wealth, Pupovac warned. He claimed that nobody cares about it because many people think that these are Serbian forests, that is, those forests are in the area with the Serbian population.


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Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan opens a ceremonial launch Monday in Istanbul of a new airport designed to become “the largest in the world ‘, which is yet another infrastructure mega project to change Turkey since it came to power, Erdogan will cut the tape of the new airport at a ceremony scheduled for 14 hours and will be attended by numerous foreign leaders. The new airport will replace the international airport Ataturk, insufficient for current needs,


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will have a capacity of 90 million passengers per year, which will be ranked as one of the world’s most important airports in terms of passenger acceptance, according to the ACI airport rating agency. Last year, the most frequent airport in the world was it is in US Atlanta with 103.9 million passengers a year, then Beijing with 95 , 7 million, Dubai 88.2 million, Tokyo 85.4 million and Los Angeles 84.5 million, announced the ACI.


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President Erdogan followed closely the construction of an airport on the European coast of Istanbul, close to the Black Sea, marked by delays and strike workers which demanded improvement of working conditions. The project reflects the Turkish president’s desire to make a world intersection between the three continents – Europe, Asia and Africa from the former capital of the Ottoman Empire. Erdogan is scheduled to announce on Monday the name of the new airport. January 2019 Calendar Marathi Numerous observers expect the Turkish president, nostalgic towards the Ottoman Empire, to call a sultan.

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But quite a few prefer the mobility budget – and the trend is rising. The reason: they are more flexible mobile and do not have to commit themselves to the use of a company car. Each employee has 100 euros per month, which he can spend on his mobility. The fact that January 2019 Calendar South Africa the budget is relatively low – especially for the traditionally travel-intensive consulting industry – is explained by CEO Shower with the fact that this concept is still in the experimental phase.

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But even today, if an employee does not fully cover his or her monthly budget, the employer converts the remaining amount into the new salary at the end of the year ebote on the marketNot always a mobility concept replaces the company car. Some companies offer both as complementary. Then the employee chooses a smaller, cheaper car model than he would actually be entitled to and uses the remaining amount as a flexible budget.

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This is made possible thanks to a type of credit card developed by the mobility consultancy Ecolibro from Troisdorf near Bonn, which specializes in alternative vehicle concepts. The “Mobileety Card” can be used by the employee for train travel, air travel or non-mobility consumer spending. “For employees, it may also be worthwhile for tax purposes to dispense with company cars or to choose a smaller car,” says Volker Gillessen, Ecolibro co-CEO.

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This is because spending over the card is regarded as a consideration in kind and is thus subject to flat-rate taxation of 30 percent – which is significantly cheaper for employees in higher salary classes than the individual income tax rate. The Hamburg fleet service provider Belmoto offers a similar concept, but stresses less the tax incentives, but looks at the big picture.

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“The card gives an incentive to deal with mobility efficiently, that’s the message,” says CEO Philip Kneissler.Flexibel zusammenstellbarGründe, alternatives to the company car to look for, there is plenty: In addition to the image loss hovers the Damocles sword of driving bans on the much-loved service diesel , Although most company cars are less than two years old, they are not yet covered by the driving restrictions.

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However, that could change quickly, because the discussion about it has just begun. In addition, the introduction of mobility budgets opens up the possibility for medium-sized companies in particular to treat employees more equitably. “A company car is too expensive for most employees, measured by their salary,” says Gillessen. “Companies therefore spend a lot of money on an incentive that only a few benefit from.”

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The mobility budget, on the other hand, can be used at a lower salary with a correspondingly smaller volume. In principle, more employees January 2019 Calendar South Africa will benefit from such a bonus. An equality that should have a positive effect on the working climate. How high the individual mobility budget turns out depends on the individual case. The car rental company Sixt, for example, calculates on its website with budgets between 250 and 750 euros.

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“Likewise, the blockchain will work in the background and provide a trusted network for the applications. The most important overriding feature of any Blockchain application will be that it involves the transfer of something of value – be it money, a concert ticket, or a work of art – or the Blank January 2019 Calendar secure registration and transfer of identity information.

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“Blockchain technology is still in its infancy at a very early stage, comparable to the Internet in 1995. “That’s why many years will pass before this technology is widely used,” says Hawtin. “One of the major hurdles to this development is that governments and legislators must set new laws and practices that govern their use.” As the public sector mills naturally slow-grinding, it will take some time.

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“However, the policy has recognized the benefits of Blockchain. For example, Estonia has already implemented a nationwide blockchain-based identity management system and Singapore wants to follow suit. “The opportunity for this technology is great and it is so obvious that it could prevent or contain financial fraud, crime and terrorism. “In our view, the question is not whether this technology will be rolled out nationwide, but when.”

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While there are currently few opportunities to invest directly in the blockchain sector, this is likely to change. Hawtin estimates that it will take another five to ten years before it becomes a real sub-sector. “However, the luck is with the able-bodied, and we believe that in the blockchain area are already early entry opportunities offer.” Mobility budgets should incentivize employees to give up company cars. Employers are becoming more open-minded about the new concepts, but so far only a few companies have these on offer. Business cars are a popular component of salary.

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On the company car want to give up only a few employees, which he is entitled to employment. But not only would the environment breathe easier if there were fewer cars on the roads. It also pays off for employers to subsidize the use of other means of transport for their employees. News from SMEs: Follow us To Linkedin Profile of Markt und Mittelstand and Linkedin Profile of Markt und MittelstandIn the Munich consulting firm M3 Management Consulting puts the management on car sharing.

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Employees can select and book a rental car from various categories at the car rental company Sixt or get a transfer service to the airport. The costs are calculated on the basis of an individually agreed budget with the employer. “Mobility as a Service” (MaaS) calls Sixt the concept that the landlord has developed especially for corporate customers.

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“This is a good alternative to meet the changing mobility needs of our employees,” says M3 CEO Michael Dusch.Anzeige The subject of commercial vehicles is presented by: Verizon Connect is a specialist in modern fleet management and provider of telematics solutions based on GPS and GSM Blank January 2019 Calendar technologies, u. a. REVEAL, which helps plan routes and jobs efficiently, helping to optimize fuel economy and maintenance costs. Learn more. Around half of M3’s 65 employees are entitled to a company car.

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The usual peace of remorse is that only workers who rolled the inside of the Center at Pjaca, a cult city hotel formerly the mayor of Split, Zeljko Kerum, began to regenerate these days. The tourist, of course, still has a solid number, but all together is somewhat quieter, more tolerable and even January 2019 Calendar Printable somewhat pleasant: one cruiser a day and an additional one or two guests Split can swallow like a joke.

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It is found in the center of the city and a lot of Split itself, and some of them did not go to this part of the city yet out of Easter – and now with interest they discover what has opened up again and what ingenious new recipes were found for the summer milking of love. They are less interested in this story, we were trying to find the citizens who really live in the city without ceasing and keep it alive.

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It has, but less and less. Between five and six thousand people lived in the wider center of Split fifteen years ago, in a ring about the Diocletian’s Palace that Splitians call the city “a colloquial”. In the 2011 population census there were exactly 2300, and today there are less than two thousand of them. In the palace itself, a monument to the cult of the category and protected precisely because of centuries-old unbroken life, there were two hundred others – and this number is usually halved during the summer.

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Some are running away from noise and noise, some are renting their apartments. It has its own good sides: it is a general consensus that the city has never been in a better state since it was restored almost every building or house, some for the first time in history got a normal west, so all of this will remain and if one lovely summer morning tourists simply do not knock on the door.

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On the other hand, the infrastructure is visibly shrinking, and the communal rift has escalated several years ago and this spirit is now difficult to return to the bottle. Cafes, restaurants, snack bars, fast foods, snack bars, tapas-grill-lounge-which have already taken the place of crafts, butigas and local catering holes. The main post office is closed, the Student Center has moved away, and the two secondary schools are still in place and it is only waiting for an entrepreneur to throw them around. You know how I feel in the summer?


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I stand in line and I am waiting. In front of the house, I have to be patient until the waiter receives the order, and then somehow I walk to the door, “said Branko Vrankovic called Ben, a retired caterer who for decades had held the nearby Craftsman’s Club, a popular Zanat. The strangers did not find it, because in the summer January 2019 Calendar Printable months, they can only come to the closed door: namely, it starts to work when the first real colds arrive. Recently, he left the bat to his son. ‘Here I am,’ he points to the scurf of the last floor in front of which the Hajduk and the newer Juventus scarf are decaying.