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February 2019 Calendar Marathi

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February 2019 Calendar Marathi With Holiday

Deutsche Welle: It is always claimed that it is important for schools to convey “media literacy”. But that can be interpreted completely differently. Some prefer to speak of “media literacy”. How do you define that? Roberto Simanowski: The concept of media literacy practiced in schools tends to teach students how to behave properly on the “information superhighway”, as the Internet was once called. It is about the effective, error-free,¬†February 2019 Calendar Marathi creative handling of the new media.

February 2019 Calendar Marathi

The mature view of the media, on the other hand, develops a sensitivity to the kind of social changes that technical developments entail. Then it’s not about the competence to generate many likes on Facebook and YouTube or the ability to detect false positives and avoid filter bubbles.It’s also about understanding how Facebook’s business model promotes such phenomena as false positives and filter bubbles, and what the covert societal overheads are, if the infrastructure of the digital age – the communication and knowledge structures of social networks like Facebook and search engines

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like Google – are controlled by listed, profit-oriented companies whose natural interest is not the emancipated citizen but the satisfied shareholder. You notice, if you think media literacy in the direction of media literacy, the thing becomes more political and critical.

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In your opinion, how well is society prepared for digitization and its consequences? Politics, education policy and educational institutions have long been overslept to engage with digitization and to initiate a discussion process that mentally and reflexively brings society to the level of development of its technologies. Now, politics seems to be just afraid of missing out on digitalization and is so tempted to put everything on the “digital map”, with no ifs and buts, as the economy demands.

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Caricature by Rainer Hachfeld (Rainer Hachfeld) In 2013, German Chancellor Angela Merkel described the Internet as a “new territory”Politicians are evidently completely overwhelmed by the digitization of society and therefore also avoid engaging themselves, because the established politicians usually have no idea about this topic and instinctively want to avoid being a technophobic modernization opponent.

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What vision do you have for education?I am convinced that society needs media literacy skills as well as media literacy skills that must be systematically developed in the humanities disciplines. My vision is that at the universities, the humanities systematically and sustainably include in their research and teaching those topics that are specifically related to the digital media.

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The aim of the subject-specific extension of the research subject is ultimately the imparting of the knowledge produced to the digital change in corresponding courses, even within the teacher training course. It is clear that the transfer of knowledge from the university to the school also requires the cooperation of media and science with media education February 2019 Calendar Marathi and the corresponding specialized didactics to clarify what is best taught in the classroom.Smartphone at school (picture-alliance / dpa / J. Kalaene) Smartphones as a search help? Some schools allow this