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December 2018 Calendar Free

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December 2018 Calendar Free Blank

A second ring will connect Klagenfurt in Austria from Bratislava, Budapest, Bucharest, Sofia, Belgrade and Zagreb. “Berlin is one of the fastest-growing cities for our business in Europe in the coming years. The expansion there is part of our global strategy to expand the Colt IQ Network. December 2018 Calendar Free In the summer of this year, we have connected 13 major cities in North America and were able to announce the connection of another 22 cities and provinces in Spain a month ago.

December 2018 Calendar Free

In Dublin and in Eastern Europe, further expansion is imminent. With these fiber connections, Colt provides high-bandwidth network infrastructure to companies, paving the way for their digital transformation, “said Carl Grivner, CEO of Colt. Colt On Demand provides services based on the high-performance fiber-optic network. It allows companies to take control of their own network and scale their bandwidth up or down in near-real-time, real-time demand.

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The traditionally long provisioning times of network services are thus bypassed. In addition, Colt provides dedicated, secure access to the public cloud services of all major vendors through its network. “Consistent fiber expansion is an important requirement for the use of 5G technologies that are currently on everyone’s lips. Because it forms the necessary so-called backhaul infrastructure for the transfer rates possible according to this standard.

December 2018 Calendar Free Blank December 2018 Calendar Free Editable

With our investment we support Berlin on the way to becoming a digital metropolis and also the Berlin start-up scene. Colt has a very special relationship with Berlin, since 2009 we have been Digital Cinema Partner of the Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) and are contributing to its digitization. For Colt, the importance of Berlin as a location is further enhanced by the expansion announced today,

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“says Süleyman Karman, managing director of Colt Technology Services GmbH in Germany. In addition to Berlin, Colt has metropolitan area networks in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover and Cologne , Munich and Stuttgart. In total, more than 170 data centers and more than 6,200 office buildings and commercial centers are connected to the Colt network in Germany. Zurich (Godmode-Trader.de) – The hype surrounding blockchain technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is currently high. “But Blockchain is more than just a hype

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,” says Mark Hawtin, Investment Director at GAM Investments. “It is beginning to appear that Blockchain has the makings of a next-generation platform technology.” Yet, the technology has not had a well-established reputation, as the first application examples were all about cryptocurrencies, many of which, after the steep climb 2017 fell sharply.


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“However, Blockchain’s technology base could be widely adopted in every area of ​​the economy in the near future,” says Hawtin. “The blockchain is still in its infancy. But it could be the next enabling technology to unleash a massive new cycle of computer technology in the technology market. “” There’s no limit to the capabilities of this technology, “says Hawtin. “In most cases, users will not even know that they are using a block-based application.” Only a few people December 2018 Calendar Free are aware that e-mails, for example, are a cloud-based application.