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Some countries in the east of Europe, starting from Finland and the Baltic states to the north, to Greece and Cyprus in the south, are one hour ahead of that group. Three countries, Portugal, Britain and Ireland are just an hour behind.Austria, currently December 2018 Calendar Editable chairing the European Union, wants to avoid confusion and has come up with a proposal to stay in “summer time,” but Vienna is even more important to establish a common time zone in Central Europe.

December 2018 Calendar Editable

The countries of the Benelux are also intending to consult each other.Germany, the largest in the European Union according to most criteria, is more inclined to keep up the summer’s time calculations. Croatia does not yet declare this. This issue will be at the center of attention of European ministers of transport, who is going to talk about it behind closed doors next week in Graz.

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He would not say he was normal German Bundesliga Deutsche Bahn did not concerned about their international services. Weather in neighboring countries will simply need to be marked as “local time,” says spokeswoman of German Railways. This is already a practice used on the Moscow route. The air traffic sector is less intangible and believes that any complicated international flight schedule will become even more complicated.

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One reason for this may be that the winter planes will be too late, which could extend the banning time of night flights at many airports. The Commission’s proposal has the support of the European Parliament, where MPs call for a quick decision to change the system that has been in force in the European Union since 1996. That year, member states agreed to move their watches to March and October.

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The purpose of this practice was to extend daylight and save energy, but this proved to be controversial, primarily because of the fears associated with the impact on human health. “To date, we have not had the practice of moving hands, and today someone comes up with such an idea, everyone would have told him it was not normal, “EPP speaker Peter Liese said.

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Because of the traffic accident, traffic to hold the DC20 road in Štefanec, the Štefanec-Ivanovec tour, the Croatian Auto Club (HAK) reported on Saturday morning. There are moorish and sloping roadways in the part of central Croatia, Lika, Gorski Kotar, Dalmatia, Croatian Littoral and Istria. The fog reduces visibility in Gorski Kotar, and it is also on the A6 Rijeka-Zagreb motorway between the Kikovica and Tuhobić tunnels.

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On certain sections of the highway and state and other roads are undergoing works on reconstruction or scrapping road works and regular maintenance. They are driven by temporary regulation, so drivers from the HAK call for extra caution and patience and the speed limitation December 2018 Calendar Editable in the working zone. In Croatia, as in most European countries, the last weekend in October, at 27/28. October, the clocks are shifted one hour backwards and thus begins the winter time calculation as regulated by the Decree on Summer Time Calculation in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.