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Iberdrola, 0.97%; BBVA, 0.35% and Inditex, 0.32%, while Repsol rose 0.37%. With a special role for Viscofán, which has plummeted 19.55% after reducing its growth forecasts and Acerinox which has fallen by 8.69%, despite achieving a net profit of 221 million euros until September, 40 % more than the year paSado. For its part, the December 2018 Calendar Printable main European places have also been dyed red: Milan closed 0.48% by 1.29% of Paris, 0.83% of Frankfurt or 0.90% of London. For its part,

December 2018 Calendar Printable


in the currency market, the euro has been exchanged at $ 1.1390. While the Brent Barrel has been exchanged at 77.36 dollars. For Francisco Sanchez-Matamoros, XTB analyst, “the Ibex35 follows the bearish tonic that is hitting stock markets due to fears of a possible global economic slowdown.” In the opinion of this analyst, they follow the same negative factors present in the markets as the trade war between the United States and China, the budgetary tensions in Italy or the rise in the price of money due to the rise in rates in the United States.

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The Government is sowing chaos with its intermittent announcements of tax increases to employment for next year. Not even 24 hours pass since an increase advances to correct it. This happened with the increase in the minimum bases for self-employed workers by 22.3%, the same percentage increase in the minimum salary for 2019,

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and it has happened again with the maximum contribution bases. On Thursday, the president of the Authority Prosecutor (Airef), José Luis Escrivá, revealed in Congress that the Government had transferred his intention to increase labor costs by 10% to 12% over the highest salaries.

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Yesterday, the Executive recounted and pointed out that the measure was not yet decided and that it would have to receive first the approval of the Pact of Toledo and social dialogue. The reaction of the CEOE employers, however, was not long in coming. The organization chaired by Juan Rosell, warned yesterday that the announced costs of Social Security for companies “would have a direct impact on employment at a time when, as we have been reiterating, the effects of the slowdown are beginning to be felt economic.

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“The organization recalled that Spanish employers pay more for social security contributions in the European Union, both as a percentage of GDP and as a percentage of tax collection, as ABC advanced. In particular, the average of Europe does not exceed 8% in terms of GDP and 20% in terms of revenue, while in Spain, the first ratio stands at 8.2% and the second at 24.7%. % .

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If this data is compared with the main European countries, in Germany and the Netherlands the Social Security contributions paid by employers represent 6.6% and 5.2% of GDP, respectively, clearly lower than the figure December 2018 Calendar Printable from Spain. On the other hand, France exceeds Spain, while in Belgium and Italy they have levels similar to those paid in our country.