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February 2019 Calendar Editable

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February 2019 Calendar Editable Template

A world of new amenities and new challenges, with large income differentials and mass unemployment. “IT Does not Matter” Fifty years ago, Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel, speculated that the integration density of processors nearly doubled every 12 months or so. The observation – known as February 2019 Calendar Editable Moore’s February 2019 Calendar Editabl  Law – promises a rapid increase in the power of computers. Computers began to spread in business in the 1960s and, above all, in the 1970s.

February 2019 Calendar Editable

The personal computer began in the 1980s – as the sociologist Manuel Castells wrote – the “revolution of the information technology revolution”, now private users were able to contribute to the further development of this technology, could an ever faster rotating “feedback spiral between innovation and their use for more innovation ». Computers proliferated rapidly, conquering new areas of application, getting faster and faster. At the same time, American economists observed a slowdown in labor productivity growth in the 1980s. A strange coincidence, a paradox.

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“Computer can be found everywhere, just not in the productivity statistics,” is a quip that the Nobel laureate Robert Solow formulated in 1987. Computers are not important – “IT Does not Matter” – asserted in 2003 in the “Harvard Business Review” a journalist named Nicholas Carr. Computer science, like electricity and rail transport,

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is an invisible “infrastructure technology”, according to the theory that soon also caused heated discussions in book form. Computers could not provide a single company with strategic competitive advantages. Carr advises companies to reduce their IT investments.

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Tech-savvy entrepreneurs, the founders of Amazon, Facebook, Google and other Internet companies, have not listened to Carr. After the turn of the millennium, they invested huge sums in building up a complex IT infrastructure. They did not just buy what the market had to offer, they developed new systems themselves. To save billions of records for billions of impatient customers in dozens of data centers around the world, they were forced to invent entirely new ways of managing data.

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Intoxicated by their successes, they have also ventured into technical problems that are not or only loosely related to their businesses, have developed a stereo that responds to spoken commands, a virtual reality glasses or a car without a driver In this car from Google, in the summer of 2012 in California settled an economist from the East Coast. He falls from his eyes like a dandruff, and he’s excited about writing a book to announce the dawn of a new era:

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“The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies” ( 2014). Erik Brynjolfsson, a professor at the prestigious MIT Sloan School of Management, distinguished himself in the 1990s with sober publications that attempted to show a positive correlation between IT February 2019 Calendar Editable investment and increased labor productivity with clever theoretical models and extensive data. In the book “Wired for Innovation” in 2010 he was able to declare the scientific examination of the so-called “productivity paradox” to be over.