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February 2019 Calendar Singapore

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February 2019 Calendar Singapore Word

It is the cultural-historical classification and the cultural-scientific reflection of the media development with which the teachers in the classroom could score in terms of new media. It is this strand of media education that the elderly can lead the younger, the immigrant and the natives ahead. The founder of the largest IT group in China (Alibaba) and former English teacher, Jack Ma, says: “We have to learn everything that the Computer can not.

February 2019 Calendar Singapore

” And bestselling author Frank Schätzing says, “Students should learn machine language to communicate with intelligent machines and keep up with the future.” Who is right? Of course, we have to learn all that the computer can not or should not do if we are interested in the survival of these things. Germany Frank Schätzing (picture-alliance / Geisler-Fotopress / C. Hardt) Frank Schätzing’s novel “Limit” is 1300 pages long, but this does not invalidate Frank Schätzing’s advice

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, because of course it makes sense at the same time to understand what happens under the hood and how to fix possible errors or cause unintended effects from the manufacturer. The question is, what effort should be made. Nowadays, when programmers write programs that can write programs themselves, and deep-learning techniques drive algorithms into the status of artificial intelligence, with the result that computers become black boxes even for specialists, one wonders how far one

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can keep up can with the development. In this respect, the priority for me would be what people can do – better yet than computers – to reflect on the cultural function of the computer, ie to examine the social implications of technological developments, to discuss whether one wants them and to find out what you can do that should not be the case. Bookcover Roberto Simanowski: Dumb mediaRoberto Simanowski is a trained German and history teacher and professor of media studies at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro. His research areas include postmodernism,

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multiculturalism, aesthetics and digital media. The interview was conducted in writing.Roberto Simanowski: Dumb Media – The Disappearance of Computers in Education and Society Computer science has recently achieved some basic technical breakthroughs. Automation gains new momentum.

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Full employment will probably no longer exist, the income differences will increase.From Stefan Betschon21.8.2015, 05:30 clock developed at the University of Zurich robot Roboy shines with artificial intelligence. (Photo: Adrian Baer / NZZ) Roboy, a robot developed at the University of Zurich, shines with artificial intelligence. (Photo: Adrian Baer / NZZ) When talking about computers, you usually do not have to wait long for the word “revolution” to fall.

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The computer users were able to get used to the constant change, to the permanent overthrow. But now, experts say, everything is different now. Now begins – no, not the revolution of the revolution -, now begins the revolution revolution Revolu tion. Now things are changing, now the system tilts. Now, computer-technological progress is no longer just bringing us better computers, but a new world.