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January 2019 Calendar Spanish

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January 2019 Calendar Spanish Blank

The specialist in algorithms, Nick Collins, does not see it that way. Rather, he points out that there are “enough different programmers on different projects” to develop this diverse work environment. But will artists eventually become redundant? Pascal Pilon, CEO of startupĀ January 2019 Calendar Spanish company Landr, which uses big data and automatic learning machines for final music production, does not think that will happen.

January 2019 Calendar Spanish


“Music is also storytelling, and we value the personality of an artist, and I do not think people want to listen to music produced exclusively by a computer.” Does Artificial Intelligence Change the Future of Music? With the latest software and programs that use Artificial Intelligence, musicians could also compose computers. Will original artists become superfluous in the future? Answers from music experts.

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Band Powerhouse Live (picture alliance / dpa / M Tudor / RMV / RMV via ZUMA Press) In August of this year, YouTube star Taryn Southern celebrated the commercial launch of her debut album “I AM AI”, which she released with the help of computer software for Artificial Intelligence (AI, AI for “Artificial Intelligence”) has produced. She used a program called “Amper,” open-source software for composers and music producers.

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In a creative process that processes the information fed into the computer-the length of the tune, the tempo, and the key-Southern blends itself into the world of music software to produce and produce the composition. Then she arranges different parts of the piece again, to finally create the finished structured song. Their debut was therefore celebrated as “the first album to be produced entirely with Artificial Intelligence.”

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Revolutionary Technology As exciting as it may sound, some composing experts with algorithms are anything but impressed. “People have been experimenting with computer-generated music before, basically since the ‘push button’ came out – and that was already in 1956,” says Dr. Nick Collins, author of a number of books on this innovative genre of music. He co-founded “Chorch Punch,” an independent label that publishes algorithm-based music. “I AM AI” is thus “not the first AI album,” the music expert points out.

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Brian Eno Giga Hertz Prize (picture-alliance / dpa / Deck) Brian Eno: One of the first to have the computer co-composedThe sound artist and musician Brian Eno, who created the term “computer-generated music”, has been working since the 1990s with algorithms and artificial intelligence technology. And very successful. But although Eno has already composed and produced a number of albums using these AI programs and a special application (scape) for this “ambient music”: the technology behind the open source software “Amper” is a different one.

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Part of this new wave of AI music compositions and productions on the market are startups such as “Jukedeck”, “Groov.Al” and “Humtap”. “Amper” is an on-demand program that provides inexpensive royalty free songs for everyone – from producers of music video clips to advertisers forĀ January 2019 Calendar Spanish online marketing. Care for creative exploitation Like many technological revolutions, artificial intelligence is also afraid of troublesome technical innovations, from repetition and piracy within each industry that comes into contact with it.