4 Important Rules to Become Successful Programmer

A large number of young people today are programmer determined to start their own business independently or as part of a partnership. It’s a brave and uncertain undertaking. Most often, designers or developers are determined by this step, since their work is not necessarily related to the desk and office, but can be performed anywhere. However, given the large number of agencies and sole entrepreneurs, earnings in this business are not always certain. That is why it is necessary to make efforts outside of its capabilities in order to develop the initial idea into something more serious. In this article, you will get the important information about the things which plays viral role in achieving the target.



Determine the price list

It’s important that you know in advance that customers know what the current prices are in the agencies. Unless you can provide a service far better than the whole team of people, you must be realistic in determining the price of your services. So explore the sites for the Freelancers and try to find out what the average value of the services provided by colleagues who have the same skills as you. Once you determine how much your work will cost, or the hour of your time, stick to these prices and apply them to all projects.

Prepare yourself

If you have chosen to work independently, then you probably already have experience working on different projects with programmer and with different clients. Therefore, it would be a good idea to build materials on the basis of those information you already have, which will help you to start each subsequent work.

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Let it be a list of questions and answers that you must have before you first talk to a client, including including information related to licenses, content, time invested, and the feasibility of client requests.

Arrange partnerships

What you do yourself does not necessarily mean that you are working alone. Try to get in touch with other agencies because they often need help. They want help from outside experts who will have time to devote themselves to performing contracted work with a client.

Simply put – their idea, and your hands. This way you can get the right contacts. And learn much more than you expect, as different projects with different requirements will come to you, for which you will need a wide range of skills.

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Charge maintenance

Almost every client will ask you to be available to him even after the project is completed. In case something does not work as it should be. It’s all right and professionally to include in your offer three months of free maintenance. However, after this period, any additional changes requested by the client must be collected. It is the only way for people with whom you work to learn the difference between doing the work and maintaining the final product itself. Appreciate yourself above all, so your associates will appreciate you.

In order to be a free shooter and to do things independently, you need a lot of knowledge with a programmer. You have to do this every day and perfect yourself in all fields continuously. Of course, in order to start something, you have to have the theoretical basis. You will not get it on short courses of several months, but try to separate at least one year to acquire the skills necessary for a career of this kind.

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