5 factors that say it is time to buy a new Smartphone

Smartphone is an essential gadget for people.But they wait for the right time to purchase the latest phone. Now a question strikes in everyone’s mind- what is the right time to purchase a new Smartphone? Nobody can give you the definitive answer when it comes to buying a new phone. but there are some of the things that can show you that it’s time to send your Android smartphone to a well-deserved retirement. Here in this article, we are listing 5 measures to know the exact position of your smartphone.

It’s working slower than usual

If you go through real hell every time you turn on your phone and wait for eternity to become active, if it gets bogged down after a call, or it seems like opening up Facebook or some other application such as grass watching, it’s time to think about buying a new phone .


You have an outdated version of Android

When your phone manufacturer refuses to send system apps, it’s a pretty clear sign that you need to change your device.

A phone that does not have any of the latest versions of Android is more susceptible to hacking attacks, losing support for security apps, but also applications that you use frequently.

The battery flashes in the blink of the eye

The battery in the electronic device has its own lifetime. The more you use it, it will be more and more time consuming. If you notice that your battery takes a lot shorter, it’s a clear sign that it’s time to buy a new phone.

Running out of Storage Space

If you miss the space on your phone, it does not always have to be a sign that you have to run to the nearest store and buy a new one. You can save photos and videos on a microSD card, or transfer them to a cloud service.

But at some point, this will be a bit of space, and newer devices offer much more internal memory.

Your images become uglier

Perhaps this will make some trivial, but for many this is a good reason to buy new phones. Perhaps your lens is scratched, and maybe the photos on the new phones are much better, so compared to them your looks look ugly.

If you like photography, and you do not get the result you want compared to other phones, it’s probably the only solution is buying a new phone or camera.


These are the common issues in Android Phone when you will need to purchase the new one. So if you are facing such issues then buy the latest device.

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