9 Useful Tricks for Windows OS Users

While working on the Microsoft operating system, there are numerous tricks, secrets and shortcuts that can greatly facilitate and speed up the use of Windows. we are sharing some of these tricks for Windows 7 – although most computers have been shipped with eighths recently. Windows 7 is still the most popular operating system in the world that is used by most people. But most of these tricks and tips can be applied and the latest version of this OS. These tricks will also work on windows 8 so have a look at them.

Create a ZIP file

right-click the file you want to paste, go to ‘Send’ and select the ‘Compressed (folded) folder’ option.

Selecting and focusing applications in the Taskbar

For selecting and focusing applications in the Task bar using the keyboard only, you need to press the Windows key and the letter T, then use the arrows to move between applications, and it is possible to move between applications by constantly pressing the letter T while holding Windows keys.

Application Management

A new window of the same application (for example, if you want to open a new web page in a new window) can be opened by pressing the SHIFT and Windows keys and the number corresponding to the application located in the Taskbar.

Copy / Paste files

Copy, paste, and undo options are often used when processing texts. But they can also be applied to the same files that in this way, or using a combination of CTRL + C (copy), CTRL + V (paste) and You can copy and paste CTRL + Z, or cancel the last action.

Quickly open apps

applications from Taskbar can be quickly opened by holding the Windows key. Then press the number (1 to 9) corresponding to the position on which this application is located.

Adding content to the Taskbar

To add content to the Taskbar, you need to place the file or document on the desktop, right-click the mouse. Select the ‘Pin to the taskbar’ option.

Opening the Command Window

Holding down the SHIFT key and clicking the right mouse button among the options that opens will also display the ‘Open the Command Window’ option. The same option appears when you right-click on the desktop itself when holding down the SHIFT key. The ‘Secrets’ of the location where you can send the file / document – by right-clicking on a file, document or application, many options are opened. one of which is ‘Send’, which opens up several options where you can send that file and document . However, if you hold SHIFT while pressing the right mouse button. The ‘Send’ will open a much larger number of locations where files and documents can be sent.

Adding new locations where you can send files

users can add new locations themselves to be displayed in the specified ‘Send’ option. Except for already available locations where files, documents, and applications can be sent. They can be changed when ‘shell: sendto’ is entered in the Windows Explorer bar. you can add new locations to the window that opens. It will then appear when the ‘Send’ option is activated.

Quickly open apps or pages

By pressing the Windows and R keys, a window opens. Here you can directly run these applications or pages by entering the name of the application or web page addresses.


The tricks are always used to make the tasks easier. If you are using the windows OS then use these tricks and complete your task without any hurdle. You an share other tricks with our readers in he comment section.

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