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The slight decline in revenue is mainly due to the drop in sales of copies (-4.6%). Advertising revenues fall by -1.9% in 2018, in a year that has evolved from less to more (Calendar template 2019 : + 0.4%). Local advertising gains weight (56.3% of the total) and shows better behavior than the national one. Likewise, digital advertising… Read More »

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The group’s sales totaled 36,659 million euros, representing an increase of 5.0% and 9.7% in comparable terms, that is, without considering the change in the average exchange rate due to the appreciation of the euro against the other currencies in the last twelve months. This positive evolution of all activities is mainly based on the growth of the… Read More »

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Sánchez is a prisoner of the negotiations. You have to choose between going to a tough labor counter-reform that Podemos and unions could support, or getting the Calendar 2019 Colorful Printable support for more moderate changes. The business organization led by Antonio Garamendi is trying to influence the content of the decree, but also in the form. That is,… Read More »

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Big data based on sales figures, the analysis of the shopping basket of the umbrellas and other external data such as seasonality, weather or trends in social networks allow for the elaboration of future purchasing patterns and predicting the consumer behavior. These advances “achieve an improvement in the management of the user’s time that really was one of… Read More »

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In this sense, within the flagship of the textile group, Zara, new strategies are being developed to analyze and anticipate the needs of consumers and improve the shopping experience to slow down progress and compete with other online giants such as Amazon or firms such as Calendar 2019 Black and white or Missguided, “which take a week to design… Read More »

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That is to say, he adds, there would not be enough gold to convert all the investments of assets linked to it into this metal. In a similar line, the professor of the Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting of Esade Jesus Palau warns is “the general trend is that when the stock market rises a lot there… Read More »

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Specifically, futures have revalued by 3.5% since the beginning of the year and the price of an ounce moved last Friday around the 1,333, dollars, with a rise Calendar 2019 Bank Holidays India in the week exceeding 2% or more than 4% if taken as a reference in the last month. A recovery of the value of gold with… Read More »

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These aircraft will serve to replace 14 Boeing 747-400 and other 4 Boeing 777-200 of the fleet of the British airline between 2022 and 2025. From the company have reported that each device will have 325 seats distributed in 4 cabins and that will be equipped with moteres General Electric Calendar 2019 Bangla. “The order for engines includes… Read More »

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On the other hand, the CEO of Repsol, Josu Jon Imaz, said that the company has already reached the figure of 810,000 electricity and gas customers in Spain, which is 8% more than the figure that had the Viesgo marketer that he acquired last year. Imaz, during the conference with analysts in which he presented the results of… Read More »

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The adjusted net result (discounting the variation in the value of existing ones) has improved by 10% and stood at 2,352 million euros, while the gross operating profit (Calendar 2019 All Holidays) has reached 7,513 million euros, 11.8 million euros. % more, according to the accounts sent to the stock supervisor. «The results reflect the soundness of the… Read More »