Best 3 Facebook Tricks Which Everyone Should Know

Facebook is one of the poplar social platform for people to share their thoughts.More than a billion people regularly use Facebook, but that does not mean that everyone is fully aware of this social network. It has many features about which most of the people are unaware. This article will be guiding light for you to know about the useful tricks about Facebook. Here we are sharing the best 3 tricks which will make your Facebook experience more comfortable and secure. So let’s start our trip…


Turn off “seen” status of messages

There is no official way to do this, which means that you need to find a special application that will allow no one to see when you read the received message. Facebook Unseen App is one of them and works exclusively in Google Chrome. The second is Crossrider’s Chat Undetected, which works on three browsers – Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Read the hidden/Filtered messages

Messages you receive from people you are not friends with on FB do not appear in the main Inbox page. To open and read them, go to the Messages option and then to Other (99+), where these messages should be located.

Read the first message you have ever written

The easiest way to see the first messages you sent to friends is to download all your data from a network to a computer. You can do this by going to General Settings. Be aware that this process may take place because Facebook copies each message you have ever sent.

These three features were introduced earlier but still many of us haven’t turned our head towards them. So start using these amazing features and tell your friends about it. You can share this article with your friends and family members on any social platform.

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