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Liberbank seeks in these negotiations to raise 40% of its weight in the future joint entity and Unicaja not lose too much of 60% .With the threat of a fine of 100,000 euros a day until its entry into force, the Congress of Deputies has given the green light today to the new mortgage law that will regulate… Read More »

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The extension of the deliveries of 2018 would leave the regions without the collection of this tax and also of the increase in income. Of course, what does not seem to be approved will be the settlement of 2,500 million VAT in 2017, which includes only 11 months of revenue. For this point it seems that a bill… Read More »

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As the deliveries are monthly, if the government out of the polls on April 28 decided to approve it, there would only be a few months of lag. But this delay would cause treasury strains that María Jesús Montero herself knows well as an old Andalusian councilor, criticizing Montoro last year for linking the deliveries of that time… Read More »

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The truth is that the Ministry already has a draft decree that includes these measures, in addition to others to ensure the presence of women in the top management of companies and an increase in paternity and breastfeeding permits to bring the equalization between men and women. In any case, from April 2019 Calendar Singapore Equality warn that there… Read More »

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Pedro Sánchez will continue to govern until 28-A and will do so by decree law. Parliamentary arithmetic has prevented the president from moving forward in the nine months that he has governed electoral promises such as the labor counter-reform or the Equality Law, but now that lack of support will not be an impediment to carry out his… Read More »

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Here would be the key to the importance of Brady’s amendment. Since the EU does not want to sit down to renegotiate the agreement, the conservative deputy avoids this problem and claims that “it would not be necessary to reopen the exit treaty. It could be done through a codicil legally binding on the agreement, “he assured the… Read More »

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This is what he was trying to sell May to the most Eurosceptic sector yesterday afternoon when he went to them to try to get their support. Something that could be achieved if supported by Boris Johnson and company, who have moderated their speech in recent days in this regard after the approach of the “premier” to this… Read More »

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Basically, what May hopes today is to try to elucidate which option the majority of the Parliament prefers now that his plan was frontally rejected. Although, yes, the prime minister still has clear strategy, to renegotiate the main stumbling block of the whole process, the “safeguard” of the Irish border with Brussels. This is what the most eurosceptic… Read More »

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“Christians do not have the slightest space in society and citizens are aware of it. Finding other Christians to worship and pray in community is almost impossible and if some dare to do so, they meet in the most absolute secrecy. The churches that are shown to the tourist visitors in Pyongyang have merely Blank April 2019 calendar purposes,… Read More »

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The indignation seizes a country that is looking for responsible and punishing the company that owns the mines with a stock market that has decreased its value by almost 20%. This Sunday has been the last of the numerous attacks on Christians for professing their religion. At least 20 people have been killed and a hundred have been… Read More »