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Vifesa was created in 1970 in June 2019 calendar Template, have an average workforce of between 40 and 60 workers and its main activity are prefabricated concrete. neglect innovation and investment in technology, one of the most important challenges is its commitment to the international market. Each year, Vifesa designs new models of machines and seeks specific solutions… Read More »

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Orange closed the year with 20.3 million customers, of which 16.2 million are mobile telephony, 4.1 million fixed broadband (28% more than the previous year) and 716,000 television customers, a 14% more than the previous year. The company has reported a growth in net highs of fiber for 10 consecutive quarters, adding 162,000 new customers in the fourth… Read More »

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In today’s communication with the CNMV, the company has also revealed that to guarantee the payment of the shares it intends to buy, it will present a bank guarantee for 296 million euros, just the amount it should pay to obtain 71% of the capital – the percentage that still does not control – at the price currently… Read More »

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In this regard, Centeno has acknowledged that it was the “most challenging and long-lasting” rescue program for those that have been launched. In this sense, he has pointed to the need for “an independent evaluation”. In his opinion, the mission of the also former vice-president of the European Commission will be “to examine the financial aid to Greece,… Read More »

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Mortgages change after the approval of the new real estate credit law. The rule comes to our country almost three years behind the initial term proposed by Brussels to transpose the EU directive on credit contracts for residential real estate and the circumstances have wanted it to be one of the last to be approved by the Government… Read More »

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Of the total deficit of 33,840 million, more than 25,000 million have corresponded to the energy deficit, which grew by 21.3% due to the rise in oil prices during the first three quarters of last year, although Méndez has indicated that the fall of prices in recent months gives “positive” expectations for the energy balance. The coverage rate… Read More »

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The main sector in terms of goods exports has been capital goods (20% of the total, 1.1% more year-on-year), followed by food, beverages and tobacco (16.1%, 0.2%). % more), automobile (15.6%, 1.5% less) and chemical products (14.3%, 5.1% more). The sectors that contributed most were energy products (1.1 points), chemical products (0.7 points), non-chemical June 2019 Calendar USA (0.6… Read More »

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LetterOne has proposed to include its capital increase of 500 million euros in the agenda of the shareholders meeting of Dia, which will be held on March 20, whose execution is subject to the liquidation of the takeover, the appointment of a majority of the members of the board of directors proposed by the company controlled by Fridman… Read More »

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Likewise, LetterOne considers that the capital increase proposed by the board of directors will not lead to substantial changes in relation to the “important” operational challenges, fundamental strategy and leadership that Dia must face, nor does it solve the need for capital , nor does it lay the foundations for a viable long-term capital structure. In this sense,… Read More »

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In particular, the text, according to Escal UGS, “contradicts the conclusions reached by all the groups of scientists who have issued studies on the matter.” The company considers that the document “is erroneous and neglected so that the main results are inconsistent, contradictory and incompatible and, therefore, invalidate it.” For all these reasons, the company considers that the… Read More »