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In his opinion, what users who have their car perceive is “a share of travel expenses”, therefore “no discretionary public transport service is provided by the driver”. In addition, it emphasizes that the management of shared costs does not make the platform a “transport entrepreneur” but that this activity is carried out to generate trust, an extreme to… Read More »

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The tracks have taken up to 96 countries in an extensive network of corporations, many of them already dissolved. The records show that British banks and foreigners with offices in London processed 684 million euros in transactions with money from Moscow and apparently linked to crimes. In the US, large banks such as Citibank or Bank of America… Read More »

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With these funds, those involved would have bought real estate and luxury, in addition to other investments in the European Union. According to the OCCRP investigations, Russian illegal money would have flown to more than 5,000 companies in about a hundred countries. German investigators have confiscated four buildings in Nuremberg, Regensburg, Mühldorf and May 2019 calendar Editable. In addition,… Read More »

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Also the total volume of credits that financial institutions had granted to their customers has been reduced in December, up to 1,205 billion euros, from the 1,224 billion of the previous month. Only in the records to offices in Germany have been confiscated more than 50 million euros in cash, but it is estimated that the “Russian Laundry”… Read More »

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Sergio Mira considers it urgent that Correos “have a plan for the future, a business plan that is committed to the company’s potential for wealth”. He insists that in Europe there are success stories of public postal companies, which shows that the road is viable. It blames the previous governments for not having taken it seriously, for having… Read More »

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Of course, while the Spanish postal company seeks the path of profitability, so far has embarked on an escalation of personnel costs. From the company they say that it responds to the fact that it carries out services that are very labor-intensive, and because of the growing activity in the field of parcels. Post and Telegraph S.A. cut… Read More »

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In 2018, for example, it would have had to receive 60 million more to comply with what had been expected between the Government and the Post Office at the beginning of the year. In addition, there is also no consensus figure on how much that annual payment would have to amount to the universal postal service. The person… Read More »

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Globally, and as regards our country, Rafael Bou, partner responsible for the real estate sector of PwC, notes that “in Spain we have the advantage that they see us as a country with growth prospects above the European average and that we enter later in the expansive real estate cycle ». As to 2019, May 2019 Calendar South Africa… Read More »

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On the other hand and despite the fact that it is not obligatory to contract linked products, many entities offer lower rates if the client accepts to include home, life, car insurance, pension plans or cards associated with an account, among others. The new rule implies that banks can not force the user to subscribe their linked products… Read More »

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In the last decade destinations such as Madrid, Barcelona and the archipelagos have experienced growth of 30% in the number of travelers. But the slowdown also looks to the travel industry. Gil agrees that “it will affect the tourism sector,” but estimates point to a slow landing, also for the hotel sector. For this course, May 2019 calendar Template… Read More »