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According to the report “Hotel Market 2019”, presented this week in Madrid, the average value per room of five-star establishments was 171,625 euros in 2018, 33% more than in four-star hotels, where the value average per room stood at 128,604 euros, and more than double that in the hot May 2019 calendar Printable of three stars (83,217 euros per… Read More »

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In Madrid, Ryanair plans to open two new routes in December: to Athens (Greece) and Kiev (Ukraine), with four weekly flights each. Likewise, services to Milan Malpensa will be increased, as well as additional frequencies to Copenhagen, London, Prague, Cologne, May 2019 Calendar Australia, Marrakesh, Marseille and Santiago. All this to reach 6.85 million passengers from the airport.… Read More »

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To achieve such an ambitious energy challenge, experts believe that other reforms must be undertaken: “We must boost investment, both the personal economy has to be buoyant and the support of administrations and companies,” says Méndez. The challenge is also to reach the most popular segments, “those tenants and owners who do not have the economic means to… Read More »

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“Climate change involves reducing the energy bill, so getting better buildings and consume less is essential. On the other hand, the improvement of the economy in Spain after overcoming the crisis and the challenge of saving and energy efficiency, which translates into the ever-growing search for Nearly Null Energy Consumption Buildings, evidences a need to strengthen the sector… Read More »

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It improves the sector but very slowly», says José María Ezquiaga, dean of the Architects’ Association of Madrid. «In the final years of the crisis, when the new work was paralyzed in the periphery and on the land, the reforms of the premises and apartments took force. And in recent years it has been extended to the rehabilitation… Read More »

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The other derivative of this measure is that the tax happens to enter it the State, which distributes the corresponding collection to the communities. Therefore, regions such as Galicia point out that behind the increase in deliveries to account this fiscal change is also hidden, in a tax that by 2019 will enter 13,580 million. However, it does… Read More »

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In many of the Spanish capitals you can leave the bag of clothes that you no longer want in the clean points and in others there are also authorized collection teams on public roads. You can also find legal containers located in private places such as parishes, clothing stores (such as Zara) schools, gas stations or shopping centers.… Read More »

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They are lowered by half for fixed rate mortgages (2% during the first 10 years and 1.5% from this period) while the client should choose the type of amortization at three or five years when his mortgage is at variable rate, whose commissions will be 0.25% or 0.15%, respectively. The Congress today rejected the amendment introduced by the… Read More »

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The law establishes that banks will be charged with all mortgage expenses (notary, registry and management) except for the appraisal of the property, which consumers will continue to pay May 2019 Calendar PDF. In addition, the entities will pay the AJD tax. This will mean an increase in costs for the entities, which could lead them to transfer… Read More »