How to fix an iPhone if it won’t turn on or turn off?

From time to time, we need to turn off the iPhone, whether it’s because of flight by plane or because iOS started to be weird to behave.
We all suppose that if we turn off the phone, it will turn on again when the time comes. However, this is not always the case, especially when it comes to technology, and especially when it comes to older devices – anything can happen. And taking into account, we do not take things like phone slipping or watering.

Turning the phone on and off is not always as easy as simply pressing the button. That’s why we are sharing this post which will point out the unexpected mistakes we make when shutting down or restarting the phone.

Hard restart

In most cases, tracking iOS instructions and holding the Power button and Volume Down button is a safe move. But you should not abuse this very often. Hard restart can lead to the complications and operation of applications and systems in a completely different way – to those that are not intended to work.

Sometimes this can drain the battery faster or show the wrong parameters related to its use. If you are forced to do this often, it can be a sign of problems with iOS software or hardware. And this should then be dealt with by an expert because it might be necessary to replace the battery. Many would wonder how much battery is “smart” and how much it can affect the functionality of the iPhone.


It’s very possible that you do not adhere to some things when shutting down your devices, very important things. And one of them may be shutting down the phone, and you do not have your computer with which the iPhone is synchronized nearby. If the iPhone does not turn on, one solution can be restoring a backup using iTunes on the computer.

So it’s very important that you always have your computer if you plan to shut down your iPhone, even if you bought it a few months ago. In this way, you can handle the issue of your iPhone. For more details checkout our other posts.

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