How to improve Internet marketing Strategy?

you will not be able to make a step forward and improve your brand unless people have a high opinion of you, until you change it. The basic problem that you need to solve is how to find out what kind of opinion people actually have about you. First of all you will do this via social networks. But be carefree. Social media monitoring does not mean that you have to endlessly scroll through profiles and read millions of comments on both your brand and competitors. Just get notified and start using some of the software that can help you in this, and who will read and track you for what people have to say. If you have not met with such programs so far, we have prepared a list of several of them that are completely free and you can try it out today.



This tool is used primarily for tracking content on the social network of Twitter. So within the scope of this request, you have a large number of options that you can customize to view this network with your needs.

You can split it into several panels and monitor each of these panels for a particular group of posts that you are interested in at that moment.

You will also be able to split each and every number of tweets and track them by identifying yourself at the time your brand is mentioned and how you can benefit from what you read in a given moment.


Social Mention

Whether you want to search blogs, microblogs, information portals, social networks, or forums, with this platform, you can do it easily and efficiently. After selecting specific keywords, you will get a clear overview of – what your brand or topic you are researching is or is being written on the Internet, what the reactions are and how much the conversation is actually about it.

This information will be important for you to form a further flow of communication and the strategy you will follow when speaking to the public.

Tweet Reach

Similar to TweetDeck, this platform also offers you research on Twitter and tracking various tweets about the topic that you are interested in at a given moment. When signing up you have the right to explore the performance of 100 tvitas. But after that you will have to pay for the use of the platform, so use the promotional period wisely.

Whether you are interested in where your name, keywords or specific topic is mentioned, you can see how many people talk about it, where it is most often mentioned and how many users of this network have seen what you are researching.

Creating a strategy, writing posts and tracking analytics on social networks is not an easy task. In order to do this, besides the software that will surely help you, it’s important that you have the knowledge to use it. This will not help you with short courses of several months. But you should dedicate yourself to it for at least one year of work, with the help of professional mentors.

These wonderful tools will help you in boosting up your internet marketing. So start using these tools and develop your business.

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