2019 calendar Tohar

By Autonomous Communities, the greatest gap is found in Asturias (29.37%), Navarra (28.02%) and Cantabria (27.74%) and the smallest, in Canarias (13.89%), Baleares (15, 39%) and Extremadura (19.46%). Age is also a factor in the wage gap, with a higher incidence in the high ranges (50.36% at 65 years or more) than among the youngest (12.5% ​​from 25… Read More »

2019 calendar Tithi

Meanwhile, the company aims for an increase in e-commerce sales of 35% for fiscal year 2020, which, however, will not be as solid as it could have achieved last year. Walmart reported Tuesday that it will spend more on store remodeling, e-commerce initiatives and the development of its supply chain in 2019. The deputy secretary general of UGT,… Read More »

2019 calendar Thakur Prasad

Regarding the technological area, it will have 1,708 million euros, 17% of the total, which includes the purchase of Hispasat, the launch of the 5G and new advances in the development of the dark fiber optic business. The retail chain American Walmart announced today that it closed its 2018 fiscal year with net profits of 6.670 billion dollars,… Read More »

2019 calendar Spanish

This new ‘road map’ thus accelerates the investment rate foreseen in the company’s previous plan for the 2014-2019 period, which included investments of 4,575 million euros, some 762 million euros annually, compared to 1,200 million euros year for this period. Likewise, Red 2019 calendar Spanish intends with this plan to consolidate its position as reference operator of telecommunications… Read More »

2019 calendar Spain

This was stated during the control session to the Government in the Senate, where he assured that the Executive “have never shaken his legs” and said that “it is clear what to do” in labor matters before it is put end his term. “This government has never shaken its legs to take positive measures for the citizenship of… Read More »

2019 calendar Singapore

The strategic plan foresees to diversify the businesses in a controlled manner, favoring the expansion of operations both in Spain and internationally. In addition, the capitalization of its various subsidiaries will be strengthened to meet the debt and financial capacity ratios of the new 2019 calendar Singapore circular. As a whole, Red Eléctrica de España, as carrier and operator… Read More »

2019 calendar School Holidays

While their lordships are still entangled in discussions, the numbers of the system continue to climb to unknown heights. A deficit of more than 19,000 million is added to a debt that this year will climb to 65,000 million, a figure that reflects the critical situation of the pension system, which since 2011 has accumulated red numbers in… Read More »

2019 calendar Ramadan

The general increase of 1.6% and 3% for the minimum and non-contributory pensions applied in 2018 and this year have raised the bill for retirements to unknown figures, and the deficit of the public system threatens to escalate, again, until historical quantities. Last January, spending on benefits went up by 7%, to a record figure of 9,535.5 million… Read More »

2019 calendar Malaysia

The official confirmation does not exist. The unofficial, yes. But they are fringed to finish off so that the proposal is the definitive news. The current leader of the Alpine country’s electricity company is seeking support within the council to get Rosell to become president, but more institutionally, while his second in command, José Bogas, would remain as… Read More »

2019 calendar Rahu Kalam

Although the president of the employers has already made it clear: “The Government should have the decency not to legislate before the elections.” But Minister Valerio said the opposite. “This government has never shaken its legs to take positive measures for the citizenship of this country. They have not shaken us, nor will they shake us, “he added.… Read More »