What to do if Smartphone not working?

Smartphone is the most useful gadget for people around the world. people can’t spend even a minute without their gadget. But what will happen if your Smartphone do not turn on? What you will do to fix it? Then here is solution for you. In this article we are going to share the details about fixing this issue.

The first step

If a smartphone or tablet has so far failed to work, it is first necessary to make the most simple solution – check that the battery is full. If it is emptied and there is enough time to charge, it is possible that the problem is in the adapter, cable or charging plug, as well as in the battery itself or the software it supports.

The USB port should be cleaned if it contains dust or other dirt. Checking the cable and adapter on another device is also advised. If the battery is irreplaceable, press and hold the power button for 10 to 30 seconds depending on the device in question.

With the adapter, cable and USB slot everything is fine, and the reset did not work?

It’s possible that the problem is in the battery. All batteries after a few years of use start to lose quality quickly until they fully stop working. This can happen earlier if the battery is exposed to extreme temperatures and falls or other damage.

First, make sure the battery receives electricity. When you turn on the smartphone or tablet in the charger, wait a minute to see if the battery icon appears on the screen. If this happens, everything is fine and you can move on to the next steps. A little red light may appear (maybe there are other colors). This is a sign that the battery does not have enough power to turn on or display any content on the screen. Leave it charged at least half an hour, so try again.

Is there no display of battery or light on the screen?

It is possible that the battery has stopped working and should be replaced. If you have a smartphone with an irreplaceable battery, it is better to leave it to an authorized service center.

The problem does not have to be in the battery or charging, but in the wrong screen. You will check this by pressing the on / off button for 30 seconds, then wait at least two minutes to open the operating system.

Then call from another phone. If your device rings, you have a problem with the screen. It’s probably a good idea to leave a replacement for an authorized service.
You may have turned on the device, but you can not start the operating system to get the home screen? Try resetting your device.

Attention! Keep in mind that you will delete all data from this procedure by doing so! We hope you have backed up important data in a timely manner.

How to reset Android using recovery mode:

Press and hold the power key to turn on or off and stop sound for a few seconds until the Android logo appears on the screen.
Use the Recovery and Restore buttons to select the Recovery Mode
press the power button on the phone
Use the Up / Down buttons to select Wipe Data / Factory Reset and press the On / Off button.
select Erase all Data and press the Power button. The reset will take a few minutes.

These are the simplest and the best methods to fix the Smartphone not working issue. If you have other methods then plesae share with us.

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