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Specifically, the fund of the Russian millionaire responds to the demonstrations this weekend of Dia in which he warned that to execute the capital increase of 500 million euros that 2019 Calendar JPG proposes “could” lead the company to “request the dissolution or bankruptcy », among other issues. L1 Retail has remembered or that requested additional information on… Read More »

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Novo Banco already required an injection of 792 million euros last year, so that the sum with the current request totals more than 1,900 million in two years. The sale to Lone Star had been authorized by Brussels, as the most advantageous option to guarantee the viability of the financial institution, which was founded in 2014 with the… Read More »

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it seeks to avoid abuses such as the disproportionate increase in the cost of rent after three years of contract, which contributes to the expulsion of residents and a non-residential use of real estate, Justice noted. That is exactly the figure claimed by the entity to the Portuguese State, through the Resolution Fund, created with the approval of… Read More »

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In this context, the institution has presented both this study and a guide with steps, resources and tools to help companies in this task that, according to 2019 Calendar Jantri, is as important for the companies of the country “as it has been and will continue to be. internationalization ». Spanish SMEs, according to the study, already have… Read More »

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The “Basic Guide for the digital transformation of the SME” (download in PDF) prepared by the Chamber of Spain as aids for entrepreneurs includes three key objectives for all companies. The first one is to improve sales and the relationship with customers, for which it recommends, for example, establishing new contact channels as a website and using chat… Read More »

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In this indicator of the use of digital commerce by SMEs, the size of companies greatly influences. In the case of smaller companies, with less than ten employees, only 4.95% sell online, a percentage that rises in SMEs with a workforce of 10 to 49 workers (17.22%) and in those with between 50 and 249 professionals (29.22%), and… Read More »

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When asked if he fears that the central government can appeal the rule before the Constitutional Court, the councilor has asked the Executive to “respect the proper powers of the Government of Catalonia,” and stressed that they are limited to applying the Statute within the 2019 Calendar India framework of development of private law. The objective of this… Read More »

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In Catalonia, the average rental price has grown 29% in the last five years, reaching 698 euros, 160 more than in 2013, and more specifically, in Barcelona this increase has been 38% in five years. The minimum duration of rents was five years until 2013, when it was reduced to three years with the reform of the Urban… Read More »

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The drafting work of this bill is being carried out by the Codification Commission of Catalonia, responsible for designing, developing and revising Catalonia’s own civil law, which is made up of academics, notaries, registrars and lawyers, and presided over by the councilor of 2019 Calendar Holidays Minister of Justice of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Ester Capella, announced Monday that… Read More »

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Capella stressed in his speech that the 2019 Calendar Hindu Festival acts in “the exercise of its own powers as a country” and that it foresees to be able to debate the law in the Parliament at the end of the year, and that the preliminary report be presented at the end of April. Thus, he stressed that it… Read More »