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It was what the Eurosceptic sector of his party had demanded for some time and after his humiliating defeat two weeks ago, the British prime minister has given his arm to twist and now says that he will look for an alternative to the most March 2019 Calendar Telugu point: the border with North Ireland. Brussels has already said… Read More »

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The president of the European Parliament recalled that his institution was the first to denounce human rights violations and to ask for sanctions against the regime, as well as that he granted the Venezuelan opposition the Sakharov Prize in 2017. The ambassador appointed by Juan March 2019 Calendar Australia to represent Venezuela in the United States has asked Spain… Read More »

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If Parliament does not reach an agreement and nothing happens later, the default position will be a hard Brexit. The law that is in force establishes that the United Kingdom will leave the EU on March 29, 2019. Given this scenario, the government will probably want to pass legislation to conduct a Blank March 2019 calendar without an agreement,… Read More »

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According to the British press, he surprised that the meeting was “so committed and detailed” and that the impression that could have come out of it is that the “premier” will try to ensure a strategy with which to get the Labor vote if, finally , does not get the changes in the “safeguard” of the Irish border… Read More »

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And if it is also Peter Jackson, the director of the saga “The Lord of the Rings”, who directs the success is more than assured. The big surprise is that the images are unpublished. In total, 55 hours of footage and another 140 audio that had not seen the light so far. Almost all of them correspond to… Read More »

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In the compar After the bilateral meeting, Obrador considered that “we do not want foreigners to intervene in matters that are the responsibility of Mexicans, so we must also be very careful not to intervene,” he said. All in all, he referred to Sánchez as a leader “with a democratic vocation, who belongs to a progressive movement very… Read More »

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The resolution goes beyond the position adopted so far by the Council and the member countries separately. It has been promoted by the popular group and the head of the Spanish delegation, Esteban González Pons, who has agreed with the socialist Ramón Jáuregui. The demand of the Socialists to approve this resolution has been to mention the support… Read More »

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One of the sensitive points for the authorities in Kabul is the possibility that the US support the formation of a transitional government, which would include the Taliban, to change the constitution and hold elections that include the insurgents. Ghani has strongly rejected that possibility and March 2019 Calendar Excel has denied that he negotiated with the Taliban. Talks… Read More »

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“The Taliban are committed, in a satisfactory way, to do what is necessary to prevent Afghanistan from becoming a platform for terrorist groups,” Zalmay Khalilzad, the US special envoy, told The New York Times. to Afghanistan. March 2019 Calendar Word acknowledged to the New York newspaper that “the details have to be finalized” of the agreement, which, according to… Read More »