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The adjusted net result (discounting the variation in the value of existing ones) has improved by 10% and stood at 2,352 million euros, while the gross operating profit (Calendar 2019 All Holidays) has reached 7,513 million euros, 11.8 million euros. % more, according to the accounts sent to the stock supervisor. «The results reflect the soundness of the… Read More »

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In addition, the training highlights that a transitory provision is not included to be able to apply the improvements achieved to existing contracts, nor a housing guarantee for people at risk of exclusion. Therefore, they criticize that the Government has been “cowardly”, although they value that they are not in favor of rejecting the rule because of “pride”… Read More »

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For the moment, in fiscal year 2018, which is considered transitional, OHL has reduced its construction business revenues by 6.2% to 2,496 million euros. At the end of the year, the company had a portfolio of works pending execution amounting to 5,240 million euros, 95.6% for international projects, 41% in the United States. For its part, the industrial… Read More »

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In his conclusions on Thursday, the Advocate General points out that the Community rules are intended to guarantee the “highest level of protection” of consumers “without interfering in the freedom of organization of the employer more than is strictly necessary to ensure that protection” . In the opinion of the lawyer, this protection is not guaranteed “imposing a… Read More »

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The average area grew in the case of the chalets, which went from 198 square meters on average in 2017 to 200.1 last year. The extension of the floors built in block, by 2019 Monthly Calendar Template, was reduced from the 118.7 meters of average of 2017 to the 117.2 meters of the past year. This indicator, which… Read More »

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The initiative has also generated division among the groups that support the decree. Yesterday, the spokesman of Pdecat, Carles Campuzano, showed his satisfaction with the decree because it included “incentives to promote rent” and a “fiscal framework that favors the offer of rents at a lower price”. In the surroundings of 2019 Monthly Calendar PDF Download, however, they… Read More »

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The problem is that this expense will count as a deficit yes or yes, but no adjustment measures will be approved to compensate it, leaving the next government the task of balancing the accounts. On the other hand, the labor counter-reform, which plans to reestablish 2019 calendar Year Holidays and modify subcontracting, would reintroduce rigidities in the labor market.… Read More »

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In both bodies the possibility is foreseen that the meetings will attend, as experts, with voice but without vote, representatives of other public institutions related to financial stability. The aforementioned Macroprudential Authority has between functions and faculties the analysis of possible systemic risk factors; the issuance of opinions; the publication of alerts on any aspect that may affect… Read More »

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Abanca’s threat to launch one for Liberbank broke into negotiations between the Asturian bank and Unicaja for its merger, but the step back that gave the 2019 calendar with Week Numbers PDF group at the end has left the way clear to close it. Once the accounting review (“due diligence”) of each of the entities, Unicaja and Liber,… Read More »

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The president of the EBA, who could only be removed from office by order of the European Parliament to The Board of Supervisors of the institution will be appointed for a term of five years, which can be renewed once, “according to their merits, skills, knowledge of financial institutions and markets, as well as their relevant experience. in… Read More »