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“There are many dismissal processes underway and drivers will continue to fight. You can not eliminate a sector that used thousands of people overnight, “they say from the employer’s office. Ikea has announced its commitment to eradicate the global wage gap in 2020, within the framework of the International Women’s Day that is celebrated on March 8, according… Read More »

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The truth is that, apart from Volvo’s high-performance hybrids – the Polestar Engineered -, Volvo does not have models that offer a maximum speed that exceeds 250 km / h. From Volvo confess that limiting the maximum speed of their vehicles is not the ultimate cure to the dangers of driving, but a major breakthrough to curb mortality… Read More »

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Live in community. Neighborhood associations are the best place to take the pulse to where your future residence will be located. These organizations work to create links in the neighborhood through activities ranging from consumer groups to neighborhood gardens, through theater, computer or yoga workshops. Thanks to su force are able to achieve improvements against the administration. Municipal… Read More »

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This is the second contract for the purchase of trains that Renfe is launching in the 3,000 million rolling stock purchase plan that it includes in its strategic plan and which it expects to be gradually bidding in the coming months. This investment in new rolling stock will focus on trains with which the operator provides rail connections… Read More »

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Half of exports (51.5%) were sold in the euro area in 2018, while 43.4% of imports came from there. Positive balance, therefore, as it happens with the whole of the European Union and the continent. With America the balance is slightly negative. With Africa and especially with Asia, the balance is negative: Spain imports much more than it… Read More »

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To France, the first destination of sales, Spain exports goods manufactured with chemical products (such as plastics). The same happens with Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom, the United States and Morocco. In Germany and Belgium, sales related to the automotive sector (vehicles and components) are the most important, while in China, the largest amount comes from the sale… Read More »

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The price of the placement has led to a discount of 8.3% compared to the 6.12 euros that the train manufacturer closed yesterday. Specifically, the fund closed the sale after entrusting UBS with the accelerated bookbuilt offer among qualified investors of the 12.33 million Talgo shares it held, equivalent to approximately a 9% stake. After the placement, MCH… Read More »

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For his part, the Spanish Minister of Economy and Business Nadia 2019 Calendar Free Download, who presented Commissioner Oettinger at an event organized by the New Economy Forum, considered that “negotiations on the new European budget represent an opportunity to strengthen the common European currency and create networks of security for people ». The head of Economy has… Read More »

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Similarly, from ATA, they have asked the autonomous communities to extend to 12 months more the bonus of the quota for self-employed mothers. In this regard, the coordinator of the ATA Women’s Area Candelaria Carrera recalled that in some 2019 Calendar for Printing “is already boosting one year the fee for new self-employed € 60 per month, it would… Read More »

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Ferrero also recalled that the Government does not comply either with regard to the autonomous can opt for a reduction in working hours, since the 2019 Calendar for Kids is not regulated part-time contribution unlike workers employed. In this sense, number two of ATA has asked that Sanchez comply with the instrument that best suits him. Similarly, from ATA,… Read More »